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Humans vs. Turians?! 0

Based on the popular Mass Effect video game; Mass Effect: Evolution delves into the back story of the First Contact War between the Turians and the Humans and tells the story of The Illusive Man.      The Good  It's not always easy to translate content from one medium to another and do it well; but it seems Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller may have an interesting story on their hands. I can't lie, I'm kind of excited about  learning more about Mass Effect's Cerberus leader, The Illusive Man...

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The First Casualty Of War Is Story, Apparently. 0

THE BASICSA prequel to Mass Effect taking place during the "First Contact War" between humans and Turians.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI feel bad for prequels. By design, they're doomed to be bad for multiple reasons. For one, we already know the outcome of the events taking place and how they effect the big picture. Secondly, characters have to be less interesting because all the events that change them and make them grow as a person haven't happened yet. Mass Effect: Evolution, though, avoids bot...

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Story Upon Story 0

For my first review I chose this book because it's a number one issue and that it encompasses two medias which I thoroughly enjoy, comics and video games.      A tale of who and how The Ellusive Man becomes who he is from the Mass Effect 2 video game. The Illusive Man is someone that wants what is best for humanity and the ways that he goes about to accomplish his goals could be thought of as wrong or too harsh. Playing the game Mr. Illusive comes off as someone that can not really be trusted bu...

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