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Mary Fitzpatrick Parker is the daughter of an O.S.S (Office of Strategic Services) agent named Will Fitzpatrick. She would follow in her father's footsteps and become a CIA agent, at first she was just a translator and data analyst. Mary met Richard Parker while they were both working for the CIA. Eventually Mary would become a field agent to work with Richard, also making it a good cover as a married couple. They would eventually fall in love with each other. One of their jobs involved them investigating Baroness Adelicia Von Krupp, who had kidnapped an ally agent. That agent would turn out to be Logan, Richard and Mary were successful in rescuing Logan. Afterwards, Mary went to the hospital and it was revealed that she was pregnant. Logan was also at the hospital to congratulate the couple. After Peter was born, Mary and Richard continued their careers. This forced them to leave Peter with Richard's brother, Ben Parker, and his wife, May Parker. While on a mission investigating the third Red Skull. They posed as double agents and worked for the Red Skull in order to infiltrate his headquarters. However, their cover was blown and an assassin named Finisher was sent to kill them. He sabotages their plane and caused it to crash, killing both Mary and Richard.

Other Versions

Ultimate Universe

Ray and Mary Parker
Ray and Mary Parker

In the Ultimateverse Mary is also married to Richard, except he is called Ray here. The both of them died as well, only under different circumstances.

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