Feelings on the future relationship between Mary Jane & SSM

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Not good at expressing my feelings here, so please bear with me.

With the current status-quo, with Dr Octopus taking over Peters life. I feel I need to say something.

Not with the fact that he took over Peter's life, but the fact that the relationship that will more than likely happen between him and Mary Jane. For a long time I have followed her story through out Amazing spider-man and other issues, as close as I follow Peter's exploits. And to see a relationship unfolding between the two really make me feel nauseous when ever I think about, so much so I have to lie down and remind myself that this is a story and nothing else, I can tell you it's been difficult.

Especially seeing this (SSM#2)

Superior Spider-man #2
Superior Spider-man #2

I know it's irrational having these feeling & reactions over a fictional character, but I can't seem to help it. I guess for a long time (YEARS), since I was 8, Peter Parker and Mary Jane have been big part of my life, so much so, I have began treating them like real people and to have this happen to them really feels like I was just kicked it stomach and it will be a long time before I recover.

So I was wondering if anyone out there feels the same as I do, and would like to express their feelings on it.

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Honestly, I just think its icky. MJ and Doc Ock? No thanks.

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