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Mary Christmas first appears in LOCAS as a young punk on the Hoppers scene, part of the same crowd with Hopey Glass, Maggie Chascarillo, and Terry Downe. She is known for the parties she throws on Gower Street in Los Angeles. Later she moves to the East Coast and becomes involved in the art world there. Hopey and Maggie live briefly with Mary on the East Coast during their travels, but Mary throws them out. In the 1990's, Mary moves back to Los Angeles. There she falls in with Julie Wree, a wealthy poser from Hoppers punk days. Mary works in Julie's windup toy factory, and later she becomes a regular on Julie's vapid cable talk show, "Just Friends."  
Mary is a shallow woman with no real character or principles. She likes to be the center of attention and hates being left out, and jealousy and self-interest are the main motives for most of her actions.  For a while, Mary seems to be a sattelite of Terry Downe's; the two share an acquaintanceship in Hoppers with Lois, a vicious bisexual sadist. Later on, of course, Mary becomes one of Julie Wree's sycophants. At different times, Mary betrays Maggie, Hopey, and Izzy Ortiz, but for some unknown reason Maggie and Hopey continue to tolerate her. Mary's orientation is not certain, but she is probably bisexual. (Mary has a boyfriend named Lee on the East Coast, but she also seems to lust after Hopey at the same time.)

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