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Reprints Fantastic Four #36 - After a glorious (and guest-star filled) Engagement party following the announcement of Reed Richards' and Sue Storm's marriage, the Fantastic Four are attacked by a new super-villain team, the FRIGHTFUL FOUR! The cover art for MCG #28 is new and different from the cover of Fantastic Four #36. Mr. Fantastic's words on the cover are also very misleading, as the Frightful Four do not take down the Torch in this story.

Reprints Tales of Suspense #76 "The Gladiator, the Girl and the Glory" - Cap and Batroc battle over the vial of Inferno 42.

Reprints Tales of Suspense #70 "Fight On, For A World Is Watching" - Iron Man and Titanium Man continue their fight, while Happy is injured retrieving a transistor for Iron Man.

Reprints Strange Tales #139 "Beware, Dormammu is Watching" - Strange and Mordo battle but Dormammu grows frustrated when Mordo is out-fought, and prepares to strike!

While this comic is from the Bronze Age, the reprinted stories herein are from the Silver Age.

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