Who is the face of Marvel?

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in many years marvel had plenty of poster heroes, from Cap to Spider-Man to the X-Men. With current success of this hero, i clearly think that Iron Man have earn his spot as the poster boy for Marvel. Anyone agree or disagree?

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Either Iron Man or Captain America.

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Well movies I would say its Iron Man. But in general for comics movies etc...ill got with the big three Cap Iron Man and Thor would be the face of marvel.

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Marvel sure do seem to be shifting there focus from Spider-Man to the Avengers

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Currently it alternates between Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man.

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They don't have a single poster boy.

Current popularity is also different from overall popularity. Spider-Man and The Hulk will always be on top with the other big names right behind.

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To me its always been Spiderman.

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Spiderman even though Avengers have gotten a lot of push lately it is still Spiderman being the Marvel flagship. Iron Man is a about a number 50 spot overall sales each month passed by several Spiderman books.

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@lvenger said:

Currently it alternates between Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man.

I agree with this and you can throw Hulk in there as well.

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Spiderman IMO

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It's been Iron Man ever since Mr. Downey came along.

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To the general audience (comic readers and non-comic readers) I'd say it's either Spider-Man, with a recent large push to the Avengers. In fact I'd give a (currently) slight edge to Avengers. To comic readers, they seem to sure like shoving Wolverine down our throats.

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It kind of switches every few decades or so, but in my personal opinion, I think it's Spider-Man.

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Spider-man. Until anyone else appears on Marvels cheques when they pay stuff out or have a 78ft long float paraded down the street every year for thanks giving none of the others are coming close.

Iron Man could arguably be the face of the MCU but not Marvel itself. Spider-man still dominates that quite convincingly.

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@lvenger said:

Currently it alternates between Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man.

This is the closest answer.

But I don't think marvel really has a face. They have character's who are more popular than others. But I don't think Marvel necessarily has a face, and that's why they appeal to alot of people. But the closest one's you could argue to be the face of marvel would be Wolverine, Spider-man, and Iron Man. I'll add Cap to that list as well. And maybe hulk, lol see what I mean?

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It should be Captain America.

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I have no idea?

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Iron Man in the MCU Spider-Man everywhere else.

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pending on the reader but that factors lite the movies might change somethings but up to now spider-man is first choice hes just pops to mind fist dont doubt it admit it you considered him he is the face


though spider-mans days may be up

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The debate is really between Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Wolverine ....And I choose Spider-Man of these five cuz he's Stan Lee's guy (as he nicknames himself Peter Parker) and he's maybe the best stand-alone hero in the Marvel Universe. If you stand alone and have as many issues as Spidey does, drawing many intimate and memorable moments, he deserves this title the most.

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its probably spiderman to us and iron man to people who dont read comics

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The devil.

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This is the face of Marvel:

Whether anyone likes it or not.

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Spider-Man has always been the face of Marvel. Whenever Spider-Man isn't on a Marvel poster, it's usually Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. In the general media, Iron Man is the face of the entertainment area and as popular as he is today, he will never replace Spider-Man - even if he did, it would take a long time.

Right now, Marvel's top players are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine - all six of them are/have been recognizable in comics, film, etc.

Oh, and don't forget the Hulk!

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Jean grey is since her code name is marvel girl lol

but i guess the same can be said about ms. marvel/captain marvel and so on

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Spider-Man but they really don't have a proper face unlike DC

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Spidey's the most iconic.

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@themgr said:

Spider-Man but they really don't have a proper face unlike DC

Still a toss-up between Superman and Batman.

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@humanrocket: I would have to say the hulk because in recent years hes been their go-to-guy.

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@lvenger said:

Currently it alternates between Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man.

This. And I would add Hulk

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DISAGREE is spiderman an will ALWAYS be spiderman

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Wolverine is NOT the face of marvel.. It's just spiderman,ironman, and hulk

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For men, Spider-man

For women - Storm

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Lets See

1) Spiderman

2) Hulk

3) Wolverine

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This is the face of Marvel:

Whether anyone likes it or not.


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I always see Spider-Man and Wolverine as the face of Marvel. They are after all the most recognizable even for those who don't read comics. Maybe Iron Man too for the movie universe

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