Where The F$#k is Richard Rider.

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And what the hell is up with Quill's Hair? He wasnt blonde before!!! I dont think i was? So how is it Peter and Thanos escaped the cancerverse but we get no richy rider?!!!? This is messed up. But dont get me wrong, I am a cosmic freak! It has always been my favorite stuff that Marvel produces. I just hate when they mess with the continuity of things, so far, nothing is making any sense!!! AND WTF ABOUT DRAX!!! Are they even gonna answer any of these very important questions? Or are we just gonna sit around all .... all uncomplete. and i dont know if im alone in this, but NO NOVA CORPS SUCKS! And this new nova is lame!!! This is ridiculous!!! And i am sorry if i pissed anyone off for saying that. I just need to get this out, cuz i am the only comic freak i know, so please. vent. yell, insult, anything, share my pain, or dont.. I just cant stand to not be able to talk about this to anyone. I mean, Has anyone heard anything about what Marvel has to say about DRAX, richard, peter and thanos? I would hope that they would not just leave us hanging.

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