What Marvel comics should I read that will lead to AvX?!

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1. So, like the title says, which Marvel comics should I read that will lead to this crossover?!

I'm new with the comics. I like Avengers and the X-Men, but I'm confused about these. I saw comics with New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Uncanny Avengers and New X-Men or Uncanny X-Men. Something with "What if? "

I don't know what to start.

2. After I will finish with Avengers vs X-Men, can I start the comics released by Marvel NOW! ?

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No one?!

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i'm not good on this. just wait for somebody who will help you.

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@Sheldon131: There are two basic classification of comics, those that follow the main universe ( Earth 616) and those that do not; alternate realities such as the What if?, the Ultimate universe, Age of Apocalypse, Age of X, Marvel Zombies etc...

AvX takes place in the main reality. To read events preceding AvX, you have to decide do you want to read avengers story lines or x-men story lines, each gives you a different perspective to the lead up to AvX (obviously you can read avengers and X-men, but it might be more expensive) Ill give you a list of main continuity events that you can read which provide a pretty decent lead into AvX


Morrisons New X-men 2001-2004

Whedons Astonishing X-Men (2004-2006)

House of M

Messiah Complex

Messiah War


Second Coming

Remenders Uncanny X-Force



youre going to have to ask someone else for most avengers titles, i have like no idea as im not a fan haha

House of M (its actually pretty important for both sides)

Avengers disassembled

Civil War

Secret invasion

Dark reign


Fear Itself

You can buy all of these in collections or digital issues, so that you don't have to buy every individual issue. the ones in bold are more important, the others are just fun to read for the characters. I might have missed some shit out haha, im relatively new myself.

2. This stuff all leads in to marvel now, which was a general restructuring of the number of books they are producing and was designed to be a place for new readers to jump on, although reading these events makes everything a little clearer.

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And that's why I can't follow anything from Marvel.

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@Sheldon131: The lead in for AVX from the Avengers side is Avengers: X-Sanction. That's about it. All of the other Avengers items mentioned above don't really matter when it comes to AVX. Can't help from the X side, but anything about Hope would probably be helpful. Honestly, I haven't read much of any X-Men stories, but AVX explains what's going on pretty well. I would just read X-Sanction and the intro issue to AVX.

You really don't even need to read AVX to get into Marvel Now as long as you know the major things that happened to the story. Again, I don't know how things are on the X-Men side of the Universe, but other than Uncanny Avengers, there is virtually no impact from AVX for any non X title (Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, New Avengers, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, etc)

I personally wouldn't pump the cash into AVX. It wasn't the best written story and so many people seemed to be written out of character. Instead of buying those twelve issues, read a synopsis and buy twelve issues of a Marvel Now story that you wouldn't have picked up or try the first couple issues of 3 or 4 stories to try them out. Age of Ultron is also coming out next month which looks pretty cool that you could spend the money on.

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X-Sanction is all you need really.

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Thanks for the replies, guys!

I'm a total newbie when it comes to Marvel Comics. I never read anything about Marvel Comics, so it's gonna be a little bit difficult.

1. What about The Superior Spider-Man?! What do I have to read for this? (I know that it replace the long running series TheAmazing Spider-Man (700 issues, whaaat?) But, perhaps there is a summary, or something that will lead to this too.

2. And also, there are some issues that will lead to Young Avengers?!

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This is a pretty good summary of all the events that lead up to Superior Spider-Man

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