What do you think is Brian Michael Bendis' worst comic?

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I recently just read Age of Ultron #10 and gave it a fairly positive review. However, many comics fans on Twitter and reviewers (Newsarama for example) said it was Bendis' worst work, and he should be banned from comics events. I was wondering what you guys thought Bendis' actual worst comics are.

My pick is his run on Avengers Assemble with Mark Bagley. I read the first few issues of this run to see if it was good to recommend to new comics fans and because I miss Bendis/Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man. However, the plot was by the numbers and the art was shoddy. It seemed like a movie tie-in.

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His whole Avengers run.

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Not a big fan of 'Avengers Assemble' (how many teams can Wolverine actually be on??)

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Its pretty much a tie between Secret Invasion and Age of Ultron. I'm a Bendis fan but both of these events were very much nothing-y and anticlimactic.

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Anything with Wanda or the Sentry in it

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Age of Ultron was just a pretty bad comic all round and I'm not a bandwagon Bendis hater.

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Avengers Assembled.

It was a stupid movie tie in book whose continuity is questionable.

I actually like Secret Invasion and Age of Ultron (though not love, especially the latter).

Most of Bendis' other stuff has been good to amazing (Ultimate Spiderman, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, Daredvil, Ultimate Comics X-Men (34-45), Ultimate Fantastic Four (1-6), House of M, Spider-Woman, Siege, Moon Knight, All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy).

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For me the worst Bendis series has to be his New Avengers run, namely because he took Luke Cage and godmodded him to insane lengths.

I've always been on the fence about his writing, on one hand he can write amazing stuff like he has been doing with his current ANXM run or he can write woeful trash like DD End of Days (I'm aware it's a writer collaboration but Bendis was the main staff writer on the book and it was absolutely horrible)

Always willing to give his stuff a try though even if it's hit and miss, I just wish he would get a little better at writing Female characters properly and not as his "pin up dreamgirls"

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His Avengers stuff on a whole is just uncomfortable to read. You can tell he doesn't care much for the content, he's probably doing it for the paycheck, and his annoying writing ticks are just pushed up to eleven.

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While I dont mind Wanda, I whole-heartedly agree with the Sentry thing. The Sentry is the worst Superman imatation, wanna be ever. If I never saw him again I would be happy. Someone pulled the Sentry out of their rear end and then to make him Hulk's best friend (WWH) absolute garbage. While I liked the way Age of Ultron started out I stopped reading it after Cage died (not enough black characters). But I would have to say Secret Invasion was the worst for me. It seemed like he had his hand in too many other things and just put anything in that book to get it done. But in general I am a Bendis fan and will give anything he writes a chance. I liked what he did with Cage though and it is probably because being a black man (so I'm biased) it is good to see black characters take the forefront.

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#11 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (44964 posts) - - Show Bio


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#12 Posted by chalkshark (1271 posts) - - Show Bio

Moon Knight. His take on the character, while interesting, just didn't ring true, and proved poor in execution.

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Siege,Age of Ultron,his Avengers run.......I'm not sure,too many choices.

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Fear itself. He killed goddamn Bucky for Christ's sake! Luckily Brubaker brought him back to life.

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@veshark said:

His Avengers stuff on a whole is just uncomfortable to read. You can tell he doesn't care much for the content, he's probably doing it for the paycheck, and his annoying writing ticks are just pushed up to eleven.


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Secret invasion was a humongous comic book let down for the ages! Age of ultron was terrible too

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Siege, Age of Ultron and GotG INO.

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Age of Ultron. I enjoyed the first few issues, but the plot quickly jumped around. Eventually was just about wolverine, and it felt like there was never an ending to this series planned ahead of time. It really wasn't that much about ultron at all(go figure in a book with his name in the title). Some the plot was a complete waste, the story really could have been told in 5-6 issues rather than 10. I was pumped for age of ultron, after the first issue I was hook. Only to be quickly very dissapointed.

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It took Capt. America two issues to walk across a room in AoU. I think I stopped reading it at that point. Also, his Moon Knight was a little too... different for me.

His best is still Ultimate Spider-Man IMO, followed by Daredevil (The first half was epic, the second half was a little lackluster).

He's doing good work on ANXM and UXM now.

I've never read his Avengers work, so no comments there.

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Age of ultron..

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No point stating something now when he is in the process of probably writing his worst right now.

I am better off saying what I liked, and that was ALIAS. What's happening in the X-World I am not the happiest over, let's just leave it at that.

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