Ultimate Marvel is screwed big time(Age of Ultron spoilers)

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So yeah. Galactus has been sent to the Ultimate Universe. THE Galactus, not that lame Ultimate "Gah Lak Tus" that's just a machine that destroys planets because it hates all biological life. Yeah, Ultimate Marvel is screwed since they've never dealt with a being like Galactus. Seriously if they let Magneto get his hands on Mjolnir, which doesn't have a worthiness enchantment in Ultimate so ANYONE can use it, so if they're inept enough to let THAT happen they're not gonna be able to deal with Galactus. Also since they're supposed to be more "restrained and serious" when it comes to cosmic/magical stuff and none of them have ANY experience with this kind of thing, things aren't looking good for them.

Also seeing as how they were the first to jump onto the "Let's Kill Off Peter Parker" bandwagon, I have to say this.............

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