Top Marvel writers?

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#1 Posted by Thequanglewanglequee (35 posts) - - Show Bio

I just got into reading trades this year and I've already read

American Vampire Vol. 1 & 2

Batman Vol. 1 & 2

which are all written by Scott Snyder. I want to get into reading some marvel trades but don't know which writer to pick from, I've been considering one of these three writers

Mark Waid

Matt Fraction

Jason Aaron

Would someone be able to tell me which writer is the most consistent out of the bunch or recommend any others? Thanks

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#2 Posted by akbogert (3323 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it depends on what you're talking about. It sounds like you're trying to read current stuff in which case you're probably talking about Daredevil and Hawkeye when you mention Waid and Fraction, right? Both seem to be very strong. But your enjoyment of those books might not be indicative of how you'll enjoy older stuff by either.

I'd also recommend looking into something from Chris Yost -- tradewise I think that means Scarlet Spider or Avenging Spider-Man, if the first volume of that is out.

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#3 Posted by spinningbirdcake (1432 posts) - - Show Bio

Aaron is good. Waid is good. Fraction is amazing. Read his stuff. Personally I recommend FF.

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#4 Posted by The_Tree (8608 posts) - - Show Bio

Waid. Check out Daredevil and Indestructible Hulk.

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#5 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6732 posts) - - Show Bio

Matt Fraction is on FF, and it's good.

I'd also recommend Kelly Sue DeConnicks work on Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble.

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#6 Posted by Mucklefluga (2653 posts) - - Show Bio

Matt Fractionn is awesome. Hickman does epic sci-fi. Brubaker (who just finished at marvel) does famtastic noir. Remender just completed a huge brilliant x-force run. Also Jeff Parker does great stuff too.

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#7 Posted by Thequanglewanglequee (35 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Brian Michael Bendis or Ed Brubaker? There's so much for me to chose from.

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#8 Edited by TDK_1997 (17058 posts) - - Show Bio

Currently the best stuff are from Waid,Yost and kinda Aaron.

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#9 Posted by Extremis (3741 posts) - - Show Bio

Jason Aaron's Thor

Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers

Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk

Rick Remender's Captan America*

*increasingly the best one on here

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#10 Posted by impossibilly (921 posts) - - Show Bio

Fraction's Hawkeye is perfection. Waid's Daredevil is a very close second. You can't go wrong with either.

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#11 Posted by GhostRavage (13031 posts) - - Show Bio

Greg Pak's Hulk run IMO its very good story and Planet Hulk its a must read.

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#12 Posted by RustyRoy (15720 posts) - - Show Bio

Right now Fraction is the best writer in both Marvel and DC IMO, he's Hawkeye series is one of the most fun comics I've ever read.

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#13 Posted by guttridgeb (4881 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't get Jason Aaron's Incredible Hulk, it started pretty good but got worse and worse and the volume went on.

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#14 Posted by Strider1992 (18149 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Yost
  • Fraction
  • Remender
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#15 Posted by tikhunt (896 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Brian Michael Bendis or Ed Brubaker? There's so much for me to chose from.

I'm painting a target on my head by telling you this but Bendis is a very good writer and you should totally check him out. His current Guardians of the Galaxy run has me hooked and we are only on issue 3.

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