top 5 most powerful marvel characters

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This could be a very interesting thread, but where are all the replies???

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@catfightfan: maybe it has something to do with it being done to death in other threads. just spitballing here.

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@HAVICKGREEN: i have no idea who your number 2 or 4 are, but it's a stated fact that nothing is superior to the Living Tribunal except The One Above All.

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@Teerack: yes there are in fact, the living tribunal was defeated by thanos with the infinite gaunlet, but the principalities were not effected because cosmic energy does not harm magical beings like the principalities aka the people who give unlimited magic to other beings

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@HAVICKGREEN: That's not right. Thanos never "beat" the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is completely immune to the powers of the infinity gauntlet. The only interaction Thanos has had with The Living Tribunal is when he asked The Tribunal to remove the limitation he placed on the infinity gems, and he agreed to do it.

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@Teerack: bottom line is cosmic energy cannot effect magic entities

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@HAVICKGREEN: The living tribunal is's just a "cosmic energy" He's basically god so that the one above all doesn't have to be involved in anything.

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@Teerack: @Danilo018 said:

" No HOUT has just the power over one universe. Adam Warlock wasn't absorbed by Thanos cause he was in another universe when that ivent happened. And Galactus, Dr. Strange and Nova were all trapped in Crimson Cosmos and could do nothing. For scans you should ask Kenshiro, you can find him in topics involving Juggernaut and Cyttorak. "

Good point and here's why.....




" @Danilo018 said:

" The battle takes place in Crimson Cosmos. But keep in mind that Cyttorak is absolute ruler of Crimson Cosmos, so basicly his just like Thanos when he absorbed the powers of the Heart Of The Universe, and we've seen what Thanos done to Living Tribunal. Anyway I want to see your opinion about this. "

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You can't be serious. Yeah, the ruler of a single dimension is totally going to stand a chance against the right hand man of the most powerful being in the entire multiverse. "

Living Tribunal is the Ultimate Force of the Multiverse.... NOT the Omniverse. Here is the proof.


@The Dude.


" This is a no contest battle. Cyttorak is insignificant compared to a being like the LT and the power he wields. "

Cyttorak's Crimson Cosmos does not exist in the multiverse. It exist as an extra-dimension in the omniverse. Extra-Dimensional creatures and beings are NOT bonded to the rules by Living Tribunal's multiverse because they exist out side of his power. Why can't the Living Tribunal simply erase extra-dimensional beings in the past? ie: Zom, Shuma, Nebolous, Nemesis, Cyttorak, Rune. Well simply said, he just can't. The best he can do is "push" them away and to possibly confining them someplace, but that really never works does it? Other people summoned to aid the Living Tribunal to do the banning.

Here is a picture of three entities that live in the Omniverse of Marvel

Zom was only frighten of the Living Tribunal because Zom had entered the multiverse from the omniverse. If Zom faced the Living Tribunal in another part of the extra-dimension, the Living Tribunal might have lost against Zom. Do you remember why the Crimson Cosmos was not effected by the Infinity Gauntlet? Because the IG has no power outside in its respected area of the multiverse. The Crimson Cosmos is an extra-dimension in the omniverse. Do you see the green guy to the right? He is the extra-dimensional being known as King of Planets of Pearlious aka Nebulos.




"The Living Tribunal says he will have to destroy the Earth in order to stop the spread. After battling with Dr. Strange, the Tribunal allows Strange an hour to stop the spread on his own. To defeat Mordo, Strange enlists the aid of a creature called Nebulos, who is so powerful even the Living Tribunal can't beat him."

But Strange finds a way, and then needs to go find Victoria Bentley (who was one of the magic users that was activated when Strange defeated Zom - she had been forced to work for Baron Mordo and then went with Strange to see Nebulos, who imprisoned her) in a place that is more ghastly than the human mind dare conceive."

The Living Tribunal needed the aid of Strange to beat Nebulos. (because Strange has the power of more Extra-Dimension Entities aiding him aka the Principalities)

So what this boils down to is that if the Living Tribunal can not defeat the Nebulos, how in the world can he defeat something else that is extra-dimensional like Cyttorak who has btw, showed better features concerning power over Zom & Nebulos?

And this battle is Inside the Crimson Cosmos say again? -_-

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5. molecule man

4. living tribunal

3. thanos with IG/HOTU

2. beyonder


this is pretty accurate if you ask me

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People don't seem to understand. Thanos is not in the top five. You can't give him the Heart of the Universe, it's not a part of him. I could just say "oh, aunt May with the Heart of the Universe is second".

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Tie between Daken and Star-Lord.

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  1. Thor
  2. Thor
  3. Hulk
  4. Thor
  5. Thor
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@_slim_ said:

  1. Thor
  2. Thor
  3. Hulk
  4. Thor
  5. Thor


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@_slim_: haha we wish :(

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1) The One Above All

2) Nebulos

3) The Living Tribunal

4) Cyttorak

5) Death

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The Molecule Man. 
Think about it-his power affects things on a molecular level. and since EVERYTHING is made up of molecules...

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2)Beyonder ("Then the other powers of the multiverse showed up to beg him to stop. They included a Celestial, Eternity, Order and Chaos, the Living Tribunal, Uatu, the Gardener, the In-Betweener, and others. Even their assembled power couldn't stop him directly.")

3)Living Tribunal



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  1. TOAA
  2. Pre Recton Beyonder
  3. Pre Recton Molecule Man
  4. Living Tribunal/Nebulous
  5. Zom/Sise Neg
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For me I see some new names on these lists and started reading up on them and the contradictionary info is quite amusing. It started with me looking into the powers of the Scarlet Witch, sparked by another thread on this board where it was stated that the mutants would win against humans since the Scarlet Witch is so powerful. It was on (I guess almost the same info as other places) where it was hinted that her spells could effect the whole multiverse and thus making her more powerful than most cosmic entities. Click through to Dormammu who himself states that he is more powerful than Celestials, Galactus, Living Tribunal et al. Sure it's his own statement, but usually bold statements without backup power are punished in MU.

Anyhoo, it's mentioned that Zom is even more powerful than Dormammu, not to mention that Agamotto has bested him as well. And then we have Franklin Richards, still a child and already as powerful as the Celestials.

Ah, well, maybe it isn't as contradictionary at all, from my wall of text I guess it's Celestials/Galactus < Scarlet Witch < Franklin < Dormammu < Agamotto < Zom ~ Tribunal < OAA. It's just confusing when you start to dig into it. And I haven't even started looking into Sise Neg and Nebulous yet....

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1) Beings of Religion and Mythology

2) Jesus Christ

3) Kal-L (Earth-2) = Kal-El (New Earth) = Kal-El (New 52) = Kal-El (DC One Million)

4) Kal-El (Earth-1) = Kal Kent (DC One Million)

5) Superboy Prime

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2- Fulcrum

3- Protege

4-Thanos Hotu

5- Beyonder

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1-Squirrel Girl





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