This old video game did a good job with female Marvel characters

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Well at least in my personal opinion it did a pretty good job. I bumped into this video on Youtube about the female characters featured in a video game called Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. I had never played this game so as of now I'm simply just judging it by what I've seen on the video. But so far it seems to have nailed the character's essence. For example Storm looks to have that *UMF* in this video game. From her walking animation to her flight animation: especially her flight, it looks just as what I'd picture Storm movements would look during flight (very fluid movements). Plus every character's fighting style looked spot on (Elektra's for example) . But this is just my personal opinion, I'll let you judge for yourself:  

(Now this video underneath is specifically about Storm in the same video game. She is featured in the above video as well but this one focuses only on her. Just in case anyone wanted to watch it) 
  Thanks for reading :)
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me personally loved this game, like whoa said it was very fluid and i think for the style of the game it was get all characters powers and abilities down to tee, but it was a shame that it didnt sell very well worldwide, cause i would love to see a sequel of some kind for the xbox or ps3, plus i'd like to see more imperfects i thought they were awsome, paragon could give some of the best heroes a run for the money.

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Storm was awsome in this game! :)

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I liked that game for one of the better playable renditions of Daredevil but if I recall correctly the Imperfects tended to be more powerful than the Marvel side which bugged me. 
I recall ring-outs being a major factor so all the flying characters had a distinct advantage... so characters like Storm and Iron Man might have felt over-powered. 
That said, the gameplay was pretty clunky.  On paper it was great.  It had more hazards, characters, interaction, and moves than something comparable like Capcom's Powerstone (but not as much as, say, Def Jam)... but in terms of actual execution it wasn't balanced or fluid.  This was one of Marvel's first attempts at developing under its own license but it didn't go that great.  I'm kinda glad because if Imperfects took off, Marvel would have never given the license back to Capcom for Marvel v. Capcom 3 which will have decidedly deeper gameplay.  That said, Imperfects is a nice light-content brawler and worth picking up for die hard content perusers.

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Yeah like I was describing above, it just looked like the characters felt and played as they should. It is unfortunate that it wasn't successful because I heard that as good as the attempt to make this game was, it still had a few too many technical bugs. But just imagine if this game had a sequel to be released on today's next gen. consoles, the game would have the potential of being awesome. Thanks for commenting.
I know! : ) Her rendition looked amazing. Did you watch both videos? I gotta rent this game somehow (thats if its even available since it came out only for PS2/ Xbox a long time ago.  Thanks for the comment.
Even if the gameplay might of had its bugs and clunks I think what mainly stood out for me was the renditions of some of these characters (Storm, Elektra). Like it seems for you what most stood out was Daredevil's video game adaption, and that was what pushed this game a little forward toward your liking. So I guess aside from its technical faults, like you said "on paper it was great". Yeah this game might not compare to MvC but it still looks pretty enjoyable.  Thanks for commenting.
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I liked the game too, and I liked how they did Storm. My only issue is that they should have made her more durable, and I think her fighting style was too basic. Johnny Storm had more of a varied fighting style and Storm has a lot more training and experience than he does. It would have made the game that much better if they did more for her in these 2 area. Other than that, I enjoyed the game. 

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I loved this game, i mean yea it had its Bugs and Errors but for the most part i like the renditions  and the Story mode of all the marvel characters Including Elektra i felt like they did her justice...

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@Whoa said:
(Now this video underneath is specifically about Storm in the same video game. She is featured in the above video as well but this one focuses only on her. Just in case anyone wanted to watch it) 
  Thanks for reading :) "
Great Job. 
Storm flying so womanly makes her flying more interesting to look at. 
Also, the walking is definitely amazing.
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They should make a sequel.

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Solarus, Paragon, The Wink, and Fault Zone were not just hotties, they had awesome backstories, great powers, and killer personalities... wish marvel would adopt them into 616 and not just leave them as video game characters, awesome female villains/hero

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@CrimsonCake: They were working on a sequel to this game but then Marvel's partnership with EA expired. I still say that if they had delivered on all the promises they made about the sequel it would have been one of the greatest games of all time. They promised the ability to free roam the city in a co-op mode and fully destructible buildings. They promised that all the characters from the first game would be playable plus Cap, Dr Doom, Hulk, and Juggernaut. Basically it would have been like the first game crossed with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. What really sold the first game was the difference between the characters. When you fought Wolverine as Spider-man you could web him up, you could throw taxis at him, you could web-swing or zip, you could wall-crawl, you could jump two stories, straight up, and you could jump around and dodge all his attacks. It didn't feel like a fighting game where you could fight Wolverine as Spider-man. It felt like a Spider-man game with a Wolverine boss battle, and all the characters felt like that. They could do everything they were supposed to. Daredevil could swing and do back flips off walls, Iron Man could fly and shoot lasers, the Thing could make shock-waves and throw tanks. Can you imagine that kind of gameplay in an free-roam, destructible, multi-player world? All you need is a character creator and you have the greatest superhero game of all time even better than Marvel vs Capcom.

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