So I'm finally jumping on Marvel

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I just starting buying/collecting/reading comics about 2 months ago. Mainly buying the New 52 stuff from DC. I've made the decision to finally get me some Marvel comics. I was thinking strictly the Marvel NOW stuff. I know it'll be hard to find the first issues of a series, but I will hunt them down on Ebay to have the entire series of some NOW comics. I hear daredevil is really really good.

Any recommendations?

Where Should I start, any good story arcs that just started?

Any hot series that are really popular right now?

How many different NOW series are out there?

Hows Hulk? Is it good? What about All new xmen? Is this the only xmen book in NOW or is there more? I need help getting started here, any helpful tips and info will be greatly apprecaited. Thanks!


is scarlett fever a Marvel NOW series? How is it. Any famous writes/artists I should keep an eye out like in DC comics Snyder, Geoff, Jim Lee?

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@al_capown: As you mentioned, the current Daredevil series is really good. I haven't been reading Hulk's new book, but it's also by Mark Waid, and he's generally pretty solid.


All-new X-men is a decent place to start if you're somewhat new to the X-men. I also highly recommend Brian Wood's X-men that just relaunched. Uncanny X-men is pretty good too, and the last two issues of Astonishing X-men(62 and 63) seem quite promising.

All-new X-men
All-new X-men
Uncanny X-men
Uncanny X-men
Uncanny Avengers
Uncanny Avengers
New Avengers
New Avengers

Speaking of Astonishing X-men, if you've never read X-men before and want a little back reading, the first 24 issues (or four trades) of that series is really good. House of M (from 2005) is also a pretty relevant back read for contemporary marvel in general.

Uncanny Avengers is probably my favorite marvel book right now, with New Avengers being a close second for favorite Avengers book.

oh, and Hawkeye; I would also definitely recommend Hawkeye as one of the best superhero books out right now.

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Daredevil is my favorite Marvel title right now. Definitely check it out.

Thor: God Of Thunder is really interesting. It follows Thor as a young warrior, current Thor, and as an old man. It sounds like it would be confusing, but it works.

Venom. Some would say this title is good, but not great. But I have a soft spot for it. Really fun series. Who cant enjoy a symbiote kicking ass and taking names?

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All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men by Brian Bendis are fantastic. They aren't usually really shocking or anything, but the characters are so rich and the conflicts so emotional that it will suck you right in. I highly recommend reading both of them side by side as they are tied together for a while at the beginning and will again in the next few months. (If you like to buy all the issues and binge on them in one sitting, read all of ALXM first, then UXM. Otherwise, reading them in order of publication is appropriate. Neither way is better than the other.)

I've been enjoying Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers run a ton. Also very heavy on the character development, it comes with a super awesome science fiction plot too. You could also read his plain Avengers as well, although that isn't as good.

Remender's Captain America and Uncanny Avengers are really clever and interesting. I have personally been enjoying his Captain America run more than Uncanny Avengers because it is really pulling a lot of emotion out of Steve Rogers. Uncanny Avengers is pretty crazy. Right now, they are dealing with the Apocalypse Twins and the Horsemen and stuff. Frankly, I find it to be a tad bit confusing, but I know that I'm one of the few. It's pretty solid though.

The final must have is Hawkeye (by Fraction), which you'll fall in love with pretty much immediately.

Other titles that are hidden gems or solid reads (that I read anyway) are Deadpool, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Superior Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Thor God of Thunder.

Depending on what you choose to buy, you'll find some titles have issues numbered like #6AU or #12AU or whatever. Those are tieins to the recently concluded Age of Ultron event, which was alright, but the tieins aren't necessary to the titles they come from, nor do they really change much in the main AoU miniseries. Skipping them is appropriate.

You'll find Marvel feels much different than DC at this time. Because the New 52 is still growing (and is really messy, imo), you might enjoy Marvel more than DC. In DC, the organization is on families of sorts, like the Bat family, the Super family, the JL family, the Teen Titans, "the Edge", etc,. In Marvel, there's really just the Avengers, the X-Men, and smaller random things. Each title seems to fall into one of those three places. I think it feels more cohesive because of that, and I certainly enjoy it more than DC. Have fun!

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Agree, the new Hawkeye (Hawkguy, eh bro) is a fantastic read. Wolverine will always have a place in my heart as #1, but you may have to collect some of his back issues to get a full picture of his particular journey. If I were starting out in Marvel Comics, I would start with Grant Morrison's New X-men (2001) and work your way forward. Trust me, it's a rewarding journey. Also, Wiki the heck out of Marvel characters, take notes on specific issues, then hit up your local comic shop!! Oh...I forgot Deadpool...DEFINITELY pick up deadpool, like RedLantern said above, he is a diamond in the rough, but he's so awesome.

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Hulk is excellent. As is X-Men, which just started so finding issue 1 should be easy. Superior Spider-Man isn't great but I find it an interesting read and overall kind off fun. Venom techinically isn't a NOW title but it is very solid and is a great title. I've just started picking up Captain Marvel and I think it's a good buy as well.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, are all this Marvel NOW titles short series or will they keep coming out every month? Like is the Hulk series only a short series or will it live up to 50+ issues?

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As far as I'm concerned, there aren't any Marvel NOW! miniseries. All the ones that I mentioned are ongoings that are likely to go on for a few years at least.

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@al_capown: Just curious, why the jump from DC to Marvel?

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OH man! Do yourself a favor and get into Daredevil. Better yet start from the beginning. There have been some creep out and very emotional stories in it so far. Plus I kinda feel like there is nothing like it in the Marvel Universe at the moment.

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@jv said:

@al_capown: Just curious, why the jump from DC to Marvel?

I dont know much about Marvel characters besides the ones that have movies, like ironman, hulk, thor, cpt america, etc, Basically I just want to read more awesome comics about characters I find interesting and I feel like i've gotten all the series I want from New52, reading about 5-8 diff series at the moment.

I was going to pick up hawkeye today, the new issue, but scanned through it at my LCS and was like "WTF" serisously, a dog point of view comic? Anyone know when the new hhulk story arc starts? My LCS doesnt have the first 4 indestructible hulk comics, only 5 to current.

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All-New X-Men, Daredevil, Thor: God of Thunder, X-Men and Uncanny Avengers.

5 great titles that will get you acquainted with the universe via some of the best ongoing comics.

EDIT: Additionally, Hawkeye, New Avengers, Young Avengers, Uncanny X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy are also really popular.

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In all honesty this is a pretty crappy time to be jumping into Marvel, they're quality meter isn't exactly at its highest.

That being said, there are a few gems to be found among the filth. Look into Daredevil, Hawkeye, Thor: God of Thunder, Deadpool, and Indestructible Hulk.

All of those series with the exception of Daredevil started fairly recently and won't be too hard to track down.

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In all honesty this is a pretty crappy time to be jumping into Marvel, they're quality meter isn't exactly at its highest.

Couldn't disagree with you more. This is the best time to jump onto Marvel in a long time. Great books, lots of cool ideas flowing... Things have not looked so bright in many years.

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My biggest recommendations are:

  • Avengers
  • Daredevil
  • Hawkeye
  • Indestructible Hulk
  • Secret Avengers
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My favorites are: Daredevil, All New X-Men, and Superior Spider-Man

notables titles that are also good are: Indestructible Hulk, X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Savage Wolverine, and a lot of people like Hawkeye (i'm not really digging it, but you should give it a try).

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  1. Scarlet Spider (it's a must)
  2. Daredevil (probably the best Marvel title at the time being)
  3. Uncanny X-men (very interesting comic book+Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik - I love that girl - )
  4. Thor: God of Thunder (it's very very interesting)
  5. Venom (I don't know if you will enjoy this one, but it's not bad at all)

If you have to choose, let's say, just a couple of them, you should probably go for Daredevil and Uncanny X-men. My favourite comic book at the moment is Scarlet Spider though.

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  • Daredevil
  • Savage Wolverine
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Thor:God of Thunder
  • Indestructible Hulk
  • New Avengers
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@the_tree: You're the only one to have cited the Avengers series ! And I'm totally with you !

The avengers series is pretty great, it's quite strange and enigmatic, but you get a lot of different things with a lot of different characters, it is quite new reader friendly.

Uncanny Avengers is not so new-reader-friendly but quite cool, and New Avengers, I don't like it, the story is just boring to me, it's pretty dark, that's not what I'm looking for.

AND Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova are awesome too ! Fun space-opera kind of stuff !

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Gotta go with Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova!

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Hawkeye is not a dog's point of view comic, hehe. Just the newest issue. Try finding issue #1 and read from there. Seriously. :P

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm currently trying to find hawkeye #1. It is pricy, and hard to find at a range I'm willing to pay for it. Was there a shortage of issue 1 or is it just really that freaking badass that it is in high demand and going up in value?

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It is noted for its unconventional way of telling a superhero story as it focuses on Clint Barton: Regular Guy That Happens to Be an Avenger rather than Hawkeye: Superhero in the Avengers. The fact that it focuses on this aspect of him makes it very fun to read since he can be badass but still just like anyone we could know and be friends with.

I found it on Amazon for $6. Volume 1, which collects issues 1-5 is about $13. I thought I had read somewhere that there was not a huge amount of Hawkeye 1's printed... but don't quote me on that. :D

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Im looking for first print, maybe I'll buy the TBP first and later on get the comics to have as collector items.

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That would work.

Well, I hope you enjoy it, along with the other titles mentioned. :D

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Also getting indestructible hulk, and either cpt america, ironman, of thor....can't decide which one, prob ironman though....only cuz of the villains.....well the movie ones were cool, specially whipplash

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No mention of Fantastic Four or FF? *sigh*

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