Should Marvel Bring Back Their Classic Creator Calendars?

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Comic Pro & Member of our site (,Dusty Abell, has recreated, for 2013, the Classic Marvel Creator Calendars from the 1970s & very early 1980s. Check January out:


Here's some examples of the originals:


I was so impressed with Dusty's work & so was the original calendars' creator, Paty Cockrum, that I added a poll to our thread about Dusty's calendar. We are hoping enough folks vote so that we can get Marvel's attention! There are so many classic Marvel artists from the 1960s & 1970s still alive & not currently working for Marvel. It'd be so nice to see these folks working on our favorite characters again! So, if you are a fan of Classic Marvel & these old calendars, please take the time to vote in our poll located here:


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I'm hoping you will all take the time to vote!


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