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i am looking for a good new marvel comic.  i have never collected comic books and i decided to start now. my friend has been keeping me up to speed with the current comics and what has been going on so i am looking for a good marvel comic that is currently going on. i really dont care who it is but when you make a suggestion please back it up with a reason :-)
thanks in advance!!

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Hmm...New right?
can't quite help ya there, I'm kinda like you in that department.

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Incredible Hercules, do it now. You can pick up from anywhere and get a good story with good art. It's overall fun and you get to see plenty of cameos of other characters as well. He's a fun character.

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Mighty Avengers. It's epic. 

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@King Quisling said:
" Mighty Avengers. It's epic.  "
Without a doubt the best Avengers book out.
You also should start picking up X-Force, X-Factor, Nova, or Guardians of the Galaxy.
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I would suggest Thor because it's one of the best out there right now but the creative team is about to change. 
Dark Avengers is also a good series.

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Fantastic Four just got a new creative team at #570 (came out a few weeks ago)

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"Agents of Atlas", "Deadpool", "Guardians of The Galaxy"...

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#10 Posted by moocowwoof (18 posts) - - Show Bio

thanx everyone right now i am leaning toward the mighty avengers....but i havent bought any yet so im still taking suggestions :-)

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What do you like, Happy go lucky, Dark and gritty, or just nutz 
I would suggest X-Force, Deadpool just started a new arc where he is a pirate (it cracked me up), Mighty Avengers is a good buy. 
But if you're looking to just get into comics may i suggest checking out the Image stuff they have some awesome characters and have really hooked me in at the moment. 

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