My Top 10 Most Popular Black Comic Characters in Marvel Comics

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Black History Month Celebration! : )

This is based on who I think most people would know.

1. Ororo Munroe aka Storm - appears a lot (and maintains it) in comics, films, video games, etc and is one of the most recognizable member of the X-Men

2. Blade -I put him on second place because I think people who knows Black Panther knows Blade but people who knows Blade might now know who BP is. And he's got 3 movies.

3. Black Panther - has the longest ongoing solo among the black comic characters in Marvel. also has a cartoon series of his own

4. War Machine - showed up in an Iron Man film, a few issues on an X-men book and when people think of Iron Man, they would prolly remember War Machine

5. Luke Cage - a very popular member of The Avengers

6. Bishop - was once a popular member of the x-men. little exposure

7. Falcon - member of the Avengers, marvel super hero squad

8. Monica Rambeau - was once known as Captain Marvel. She is currently called Photon, member of Avengers

9. Synch - member of the Generation X

10. Shuri - younger sister of Black Panther and Black Panther and his sister has been exposed to the x-men fans because of the BP/Storm short union

Ororo Munroe aka Storm
Black Panther
War Machine
Luke Cage
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who else?

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2.Black Panther


4.War Machine

5.Luke Cage






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post your top 10. : )

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@jhazzroucher: Blue Marvel Black Panther and Storm!

Luke Cage

Bishop Brother Vodoo Photon

Misty Knight The Falcon Blade IsaiIsaiIsaiah Bradley/ Black Captain America and nephew Eli Bradey/Patriot War Machine

Added 3 extra!

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@evilvegeta74: nice list. : )

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i only like storm...

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@butterflykyss said:

i only like storm...


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I agree with the OP except

I think

Miles Morales, and Misty Knight are more popular than

Monica Rambeau, Synch & Shuri


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who else?

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don't forget nick fury!

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