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Here is a trailer that was shown at Comic-Con last weekend.  I'm not sure if there's already been discussion over this as I've been away from my computer the last few days.  The Super Hero Squad will premiere on Cartoon Network on September 19, 2009 with a four episode marathon.  
The cast includes Mark Hamill as the Red Skull, Robert Englund as Dormammu, Taye Diggs as Black Panther, James Marsters as Mister Fantastic, Tricia Helfer as Sif, Lena Headey as Black Widow, Adrian Pasdar as Hawkeye and George Takei as Galactus.
Despite the impressive list of voice actors, I have some doubts over this.  I tried reading the first issue and was not impressed.  It's not secret that I'm a huge Mini-Marvels fan (by Chris Giarrusso).  I would have much preferred a cartoon based on Mini-Marvels with the Chris' humor that goes along with it.  My little daughter feels the same way.  When we read Mini-Marvels, she cracks up at the jokes and images.  With Super Hero Squad, it was like there were crickets in the background.   A lot of the jokes really fell flat.  I haven't tried reading beyond issue #1.  Hopefully this cartoon will pick things up.

What do you think?  Will you give this a try?
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LOL! Thor is Way Cooler Then Obama

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The Obama pics made me smile, but overall I'm not impressed.  I'm still checking it out, though.

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Looks kinda silly. Could be a fun show.

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I think that if in a Marvel comic, a villain somehow turns all the superheroes into infants...then they'd turn out something like this.

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ugh really! Does Obama have to be shoved down even our kids' throats.Don't get me wrong I don't dislike him as a person but honestly no matter who the president was I wouldn't want to see him in a cartoon unless it was a TV Funhouse production.

Also while I love some animated stuff JLU,classic cartoons like "Insert Superhero" the animated series, but this is a little too childish for me...Batman TBATB is my limit.

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What this seems to me its being marketed to kids, but much like say Sponge Bob there is gonna be a lot of jokes and stuff they won't get that adults will. Which I don't have a problem with, it seems like it might be something funny to watch if there is nothing else on tv.

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Lord if you love me do not let my son see a trailer of this, or i wil have to watch it

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this does look interesting but it looks so mini as the japanese would call them chibi's except in a more american kinda way as long as it lives up to the comics i don't mind miss marvel looks cute anyway

oh sweet it has dormmamu

yeah im giving this a nice ride

oh and look theres a planet Hulk trailer you can click on to when the vid ends

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I am greatly unimpressed with this trailer (course not NEARLY as unlmpressed as I am with the Wolverine anime), And honestly, I'm a little bother by the well-endowed, Chibi Ms. Marvel!!  

@Nahero said:
oh and look theres a planet Hulk trailer you can click on to when the vid ends "

Yeah Planet Hulk looks SWEEEET!! LOL
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This is one of those things that are made that I really don't know what to make of it. Looks like it would be great for little kids though.

The adding of the president was rather random. lol

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I just watched the Planet Hulk trailer. It looks  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There so cute, when their samll! :)

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wtf...did i...just watch?

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@Perspective91 said:
"I just watched the Planet Hulk trailer. It looks  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

amen to that. i want a civil war or secret war movie though
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I liked the Chris G Mini Marvels stuff m'self, too. But, sadly, that was not based on a successful toy line of merchandise like Hero Squad is. I'm probably more likely to look for the Mini Marvels than watch this.  

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I think this is a great idea, they're not going after us I don't think, I think it's aimed towards young kids and I think they'll find it does well with that group. 

Though I am sick of seeing Captan O in everything. Good lord and he had what like 5 new comic come out a few weeks ago? Everything is marketing with him, I'm sick of it. Marvel, give us comics and cartoons, not political ad's. 
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looks ok

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im thinking this is mostly for the spongebob crowd so it dosent really matter to me either way.

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That image reminds me of Ren And Stimpy for some reason lol. 
I'll give this series a shot.
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Yeah,my computer is pretty stupid and won't let me see the video.Is there another place I might be able to see it?

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This reminds me of Inspector Gadget's Field Trip....

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looks funny,childish funny.

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