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I'm interested in digging in to some of the recent Marvel universe... with a few conditions. I'm interested only in picking up paperback collections, and only of those series that are currently running and are more likely than not will continue to do so for at least a year. Ignoring ALL of the Marvel Now titles (as they're not available in collected form, and most will not be available in paperback for some time) I'd like some advice on which of the remaining trade books you would strongly recommend, based on the criteria of consistent quality and unlikeliness of cancellation. I'm a heavy DC reader, though I'm also incredibly familiar with Marvel... just playing catch up with trades. I'd like to get every available softcover for a selected series, but not break my wallet too much (keep in mind if recommending say X-Factor...) These are the 17 candidates. Which would you scratch off the list? Which would you recommend?

  • Age of Apocalypse
  • Astonishing X-Men
  • Avengers Assemble
  • Avenging Spider-Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Daredevil
  • Dark Avengers
  • Gambit
  • Hawkeye
  • Journey Into Mystery
  • Red She-Hulk
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Venom
  • Winter Soldier
  • Wolverine & The X-Men
  • X-Treme X-Men
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Bump. Help?

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@TheOptimist: Like you I am mainly a DC reader. I pick up several Marvel series via trades. Here are a few of my observations/recommendations.

I would not recommend Winter Soldier unless you picked up Brubaker's seven year Captain America run. It is a great series, but it is better enjoyed as part of the larger storyline.

Hawkeye and Gambit are easy to pick up. No Avenger and X-Men history lessons needed for these series. Highly recommended.

I was worried thay my lack of knowledge of the X-Men would hamper my enjoyment of Age of Apocalypse. Very darkly written comic.

I would not recommend Bendis's Avengers Assemble, but I will be picking up Kelly Sue Deconnick's stories.

I have enjoyed Venom, but I hate all the forced crossovers. Venom 6-9 is only available via the Spider-Island trade. The Circle of Four trade was technically printed in Venom 13.1-13.4 but they really were issue of Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, and X-23. Similarly Minimum Carnage is another crossover with Scarlet Spider. I will probably end up dropping it for this reason.

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My picks would be in this order: Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel, Scarlet Spider and Venom.

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