Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe?

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I'm new to collecting and wanted to start collecting some marvel figures but I have no idea which one I should go with. What are the differences between the two? Which one do you think is better? Any tips for collecting?

Thanks! :D

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@Hotfyre: well to me you really can't go wrong with either one from Marvel Legends, ive collected Colossus, SS and Deathlok, their articulations not bad if you ask me, great detail, especially Deathlok, and you get a free comic, and i think theyre 6in tall with the bigger characters being well bigger.

On the other hand the Marvel Universe are cheaper, smaller, but from the ones ive picked up, gladidator,psylocke, apocalypse, iron fist, dr. strang, the sculpts arent bad at all at least in my figures, great detail for a 3.75in figure, they're easier to collect to being smaller.

So if you ask me, if you got the money for Legends, pick em up, if not, go Universe...or, you could do both :) hope that helps

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Marvel Legends are the best, they're the reason I even got into comic books in the first place. Also, the Marvel Universe toys aren't worth the price they're asking for.

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Marvel Legends figures are bigger, more durable, easier to stand up and better detailed.

Marvel Universe figures are way too expensive for what you get.

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Thank you so much! I've made my mind I'm going with ML :D

By the way are the waves monthly?

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No the waves are not monthly. But good that you went with Marvel legends! Like many here said : Bigger, more detailed, more durable, ... But I think It`s sad that they have become so expensive :( I remember when I saved 15 Dollar to get the Black Widow ML as a kid and you you don`t get nothin without paying at least 25 bucks. But anyways ML is better ! :D

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