First Superman now Wonder Woman.

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All the Marvel hate from DC Fanboys.


And somehow, Marvel takes better care of the characters they "ripped off" by giving them more development and more time to get shown. They just don't leave them in the back, while.. you know, a certain big three highlights over the rest of them.

Also, Deadpool is HARDLY a rip off now. Infact, Deadpool got pushed to the point where he's another big name for Marvel.

As for Hippoylta? Yeah, she's starting off as a rip off.. BUT give her time, Marvel will develop her to be a strong original character. Y'know, like they're good at. They won't have to retcon her either.

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I'd rather they did away with these Superman and Wonder Woman knockoffs. Their nothing more than for Marvel to make fun of DC by having their characters KO them. Case in point WWH Hulk defeating Sentry or the fact every time Hyperion makes an appearance it's reduced to evil version or mind control just to get the pointless hero vs hero fight. Marvel needs to do away with them quickly.

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@sog7dc: who is doomsday a ripoff of

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There already is a Warrior Woman in the Marvel Universe. She was an enemy of Captain America in WW2.

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