Does Marvel hate wolves?

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After reading the ending issue of Wolfsbane's story arc in X-Factor and White Wolf's return in Black Panther, I have this impression that Marvel hates wolves or wolf-theme characters and/or wolf-mutants. Take a look at Wolfcub, he died not too long ago, but hardly anyone is effected by his death and hasn't been mention by anyone, even Magik's memorial for fallen muants/X-Men didn't had Wolfcub's name on it. Kinda sucks when a character dies and lives little to no impact on any of the characters whatsoever.

Has anyone else notice this kind of thing with other characters?

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In general, humans hate wolves, so you're on to something...

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@jloneblackheart: Thanks, you help me complete the "Friends of the State" Quest.

Seems kinda odd for the company that gives us flawed heroes and sympathetic villains and anti-heroes...

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Marvel is in Team Edward?

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@lykopis said:


Marvel is in Team Edward?

HA! My laugh for the day. As for Marvel having something against wolves...grrrr

Name a recent story or issue with a wolf-character that turn out for the good for them...

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How many wolf-themed characters do they really have?

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@xerox_kitty said:

Marvel is in Team Edward?

Because there isn't a wolf related story in Marvel doesn't mean they're anti-wolf.
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wolverine loves wolves. actually more than wolverines it seems...

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Also, marvel hates elephants. They killed of Mammomax and Man-Elephant is never used.
It's a conspiracy!

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@fesak: And strangely enough, cats seem to be their favorite. Tigra got raped by a Skrull, Osborn planned to dissect the baby, and it turns out the kid is a healthy "normal" earthling. While Wolsbane's love child turned out to be a feral demon that can kill seconds after it is born.

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Here is what Peter David (writer of X-Factor) had to say about Rahne in a recent interview:

Rahne is in deep agony/frustration/mortification over how she reacted to the birth of her child. Right now it's manifesting by trying to bury herself in ice cream. But no, she's not going to become super-obese or, for that matter, throw herself into drugs or alcohol or in some other way embark on a self-destructive binge. Not when she's got close friends who have had their own personal demons to battle. We're going to see an upcoming issue where Lorna and Theresa decide a sort of intervention is necessary and will take definitive steps to aid Rahne and put her in a more positive direction. Because, really,Rahne's been Murphy's law's piñata for years now.

Everything that can go wrong for this poor girl has gone wrong.I'm as responsible for that as anyone else, and since she's in my hands now, I'm tired of her being fate's bitch, and I'd be surprised if others aren't as well. No one should have this much darkness without the slightest sliver of light (and no, it won't be from an oncoming train -- hmm, we seem to have a sort of train theme going today). So the bottom line is that yes, she's binging, and yes, it is a temporary state, because she's going to be dealing with her emotions in a more positive manner -- with major ramifications for both herself and other members of the team.


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@lykopis said:

As for Marvel having something against wolves...grrrr

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No, I don't think so.

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In Marvel Zombies 4 Werewolf By Night was the only casualty of the team. Sure, he got cured in the end but still he was the only one who became a zombie.

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I can't say I got the same impression from that X-Factor arc. It seems the writer and artist were having a fun time using the wolf characters, and I would maybe even call what they had there a " werewolf party or celebration" , who otherwise don't get very much use (werewolves in generally aren't a very hot fad in this day in age, so it goes without saying). There's a new Legion Of Monsters series set to hit, or it has and I missed it, imo. But Jack looks to have more work set for him. A lot of werewolves in popular fiction otherwise are generally played off as gruff with hard lives vs gifted ones as that's part of their appeal and why they appeal to audiences, the " underdogs " to use a terrible pun for lack of a better term.


Getting back to wolves not being a very hot fad. This stems from the fact that werewolves are hard to sexualize, therefore difficult to sell to the masses as a character they would want to be like and idolize, as most people aren't attracted to the concept of being a hairy clawed snarling creature, and as well the inherent

animal like (predatory in this case) violent aspects of the template don't naturally pass over easily in the pacifist and children's market groups for the obvious reasons. More or less werewolves tend to appeal to the portions of the audience that truly feel like outcasts, and possible really relate with monsters in a sense or two, as well maybe have a bit of pent up emotion scratching to be let out. Hence, their target audience logically represents a minority. Were I to pitch a big werewolf movie right now to say Warner Bros., I can estimate that no matter how well prepared and proposed, or my union dues up to date, they would fidget a bit and give me the classic " Well, that's our time. Thank you for coming out, we'll have our people contact you if we're interested in having you do any work for us down the line. " routine. Sadly to me in a sense as I fondly remember reading a large amount of compiled werewolf stories, many of them went a different direction and depicted the werewolf and being one as gaining a grossly enhanced ability of sensation and spirituality in an overall sense, bringing ones ability to both experience life and ones feelings on a much greater more acute and controlled scale and becoming a realized part of nature itself. I found that appealing, particular one about an asthmatic who gains the sense of being healthy in that regard, but obviously internal expression and first person perspective translates differently in the visual arts than the written. Adversely vampires sell well because they meet the criteria werewolves don't by design, and zombies go a different direction by providing themselves as a backdrop to accentuate the living as well as being "okay to kill canon fodder" characters. So your real reason is that the majority of the audience isn't buying nor demanding werewolves, so Marvel isn't selling as much.


Wolfcub however wasn't singled out due to being a wolf, but due to being created as a "stock mutant" character, much like a few of the 198. These characters are basically designed as what the "red shirts" are to the Star Trek universe to the X-Men universe, as it's hard to propel the whole " Mutants are targets " cliche without having relatively know mutants on all sides lost to the cause as it were. He might as well have been an octopus, a character with a large eye for a head, a blue skin, a rock man, ect. His designed purpose was to be notable in his difference but still recognizable as both a human and member of a mutant faction.

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@CATPANEXE: Okay. Very fair gain. Though I do question WhiteWolf's treatment, he has been established as Black Panther's estranged adopted brother and anti-hero, but has been put in a long hiatus, but when he came back: he turned into a thug who killed woman just to get to Panther, who in thend ends rejects him, making their relationship pretty much EXACTLY like Thor and Loki, which seems rather sad... an interesting set-up with a let down turn out... as of now... but we still have to wait.

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@turoksonofstone: ... thanks for that, it reall yhelp the topic. -_-;;; If ti was STARWOLF on the other hand...

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Werewolf by night did give us moon there's that.

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@protect_yourself: We're talking about Marvel.

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Tell me, is Doghead from Ghost Rider a comedic relief villain from the getgo or was that another change?

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WereWolf by Night is quite tough

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That excerpt from the CBR article in comment 11 is rather ironic now. Says he's tired of her being fates bitch and that no one should have that much got that right.....but then her child dies and she's sent to character limbo?! Really?! How does leaving her grieving and alone make this character's story any better?

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My theory: If Marvel does a good Wolverine story, Fox can make millions of dollars off of it.... It's become a catch 22 situation as the MCU has become popular, before the comics and films were separate, but now it's linked its big business.

I can see Spider-Man, Wolverine, The X-Men, the fantastic four, all taking a back burner, if there are any new charecters / villains / story lines, they will all go to the avengers and any other lines that Marvel has the film rights to. it's just good business sense, why get the best artist and storyteller for spiderman or an xmen charecter, if it becomes popular then your just giving business to your competitors...

So while most wolves are part of xmen or Spider-Man I can see a new wolf character coming with I humans maybe...

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