Do marvel comics exist in a bubble?

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To elaborate what I mean, coming from someone who started reading the New 52 and wanting to read some marvel as well since that's what I grew up with (been out of the comic book loop for a good 15 years) I'm noticing that wolverine is everywhere, and in regards to creating a "marvel universe" where all the titles share a common continuity, that seems implausible, because how can Wolvie be 50 different places at once. I was recently at an anime con where they were talking about the marvel anime universe so after the panel was over, I asked a panelist about if basically if there was a shared continuity between comics as there appears to be with DC and the response he gave is what's in my subject, that most marvel comics exist in a bubble. Continuity of x-men will remain relatively consistent, but the events in x-men may contradict events in avengers, which may also contradict spider man etc.. so rather than seeing the marvel universe as an interconnected universe as DC is at last apparently trying to do in the new 52, it's best to just worry about continuity as it pertains to an individual comic series. Would that be a true statement?

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Wolverine is "everywhere" is an embellishment. Yes, he is a big player in the X Men universe, but outside that he is usually a supporting character or just wallpaper.

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I think that statement is safe to say for any company. Unless stated that the different series are connected, always build the continuity off of what you learned from that series alone.

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Same could be said for Batman and all the titles he shows up in. Continuity is a tricky thing. I just try and suspend my belief and roll with it unless something majorly wrong happens.

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Same could be said for Batman and all the titles he shows up in. Continuity is a tricky thing. I just try and suspend my belief and roll with it unless something majorly wrong happens.

I dunno, from what I've read DC seems to be doing a decent enough job having major events being referenced in any books that are relevant. Example Damiens Death is referenced in Batman and Robin, Batman, Batgirl, etc.. giving the feel that the different batman comics could all be happening at the same time, just on different days and haven't seemed to contradict eachotehr.. I'm guessing the same could be said of wolverine and I need to do some reading up on this but correct me if I'm wrong... he's head of the jean grey academy, plus heading of his own team, plus helping out in other teams.. I mean obviously marvel is just capitalizing on a wildly popular character, but with him appearing, even as wallpaper as someone else put it, it gives the feeling that he's in three places at once

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@tarmen: why wouldn't Wolverine have the time to be in as many places as you have the time to read about him being?

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i see what you mean. marvels trying to make wolverine their biggest character in place of peter. especially since avx hes in like 20 different books at once theres wolverine savage wolverine wolverine and the xmen and multpile avengers books. hes also in the current scarlet spider arc. so its hard to keep up. to answer your question id say yea and just worry about the books you want to read instead of a specific character you will just drive yourself mad trying to keep up with continuty. also am i the only one who thinks wolverines been a douce recently?

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i noticed a lot of times in his own titles wolverine would disappear as he does to take trips to do his thing and the story would focus on some of the other characters and then some books would make mention of what happened in another story so i like to think marvel is using one tight continuity. like in uncanny avengers he hasnt really made an appearance lately and uncanny x-men picks up right after wolverine and the x-men leave off. like literally it shows cyclops at the school and then showing what he did when he (cyclops) did

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Wolverine showing up in 20 books is a gross exaggeration. From what I remember, he shows up primarily in WatXM, Wolverine, All-New X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, and occasionally Avengers. It's no different than Iron Man being in GotG, New Avengers, Avengers, and Iron Man. There are extremely plausible ways for this to happen. With Iron Man, he is physically out in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he communicates with the Illuminati and the rest of the Avengers through hologram communication and extra suits. I imagine he does this during his quiet times in space. Wolverine leads the Jean Grey school, but since Xaviers death, he's basically the figure head for the X-Men in general. So he has a school to lead, which he doesn't do very actively in WatXM because he participates in the Uncanny Avengers (and his position in that team might be in serious jeopardy with the last issue, #9), and he is dealing with a bunch of stuff with the time-displaced originals in ALXM. The only thing that doesn't necessarily fit is the main Wolverine title, in which case you shouldn't be worried about continuity. Sometimes a story can just happen for the sake of the story.

Yeah, DC is pretty good with this, although it has issues sometimes. It's important to understand that just because a character appears in two issues that come out in the same week (or even the same month) doesn't mean that they are happening at the same time. For example, the first arc of New 52 Justice League doesn't actually take 6 months of story time. It's certainly less than a month. After that, it's up to the reader to care about the order of events, and then to decide the order of them, unless of course the events naturally lead into each other.

I'll admit, I'm also obsessed with continuity, but there are very logical ways to explain multiple appearances of a character within a month of published comics. You should also be willing concede that some things won't necessarily fit within the current order of events and just be able to enjoy the stories.

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Good answer stevencarver I should probably just start reading it myself and judge because I'm also a continuity nut and I really like the idea of all the books working together to create a living breathing world instead of simply each book living in their own world and only interacting with eachother for crossover arcs

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If you're looking for continuity between characters and series try picking up House of M and the many side-stories involved with House of M as they all tie in rather seamlessly to the main storyline. The first few comics are ploddingly slow and the writing isn't fantastic... but there are some great issues and it's an important storyline to follow. Runaways has been hands-down my favorite marvel series.

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@tarmen: why wouldn't Wolverine have the time to be in as many places as you have the time to read about him being?

mm.. good question..

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i think the answer was pretty adequate.

Marvel Universe actually does exist in small time bubbles within a shared continuity.

While X men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, WatX do take place in the same universe they dont necessarily take place in the same time frame.

X men series all run in the same time frame , and run in the same universe as Avengers, but X men 01 and Avengers 01 does not have to be exactly on the same time, so you can have 1 character in 2 different universes.

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alright here's the deal....a single story arc for a comic series may take up to a year for the publishers to release and for us to read it but for the characters themselves that story arc may have only taken place over the course of a day or sometimes favorite example is Blackest took DC 9 months to release the entire series but in the comics it only took place over the course of a single night so that right there is 364 more days for the characters to be off doing other things in their books or other books

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Technically all the Wolverine hype is all pomp to promote the "Killable" arc, Marvel have a long history of building a character up months, even years before they thrust them into a major story.

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