Did Marvel Flash Point just happen???

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So I just finished Age of Ultron 10... did a flash point just occur? Because that's kind of what I got out of it...

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Like... DC Flashpoint?

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Maybe? All of this seems really big and chaotic, much like Flashpoint was during its miniseries, but I suspect that we will get more detail about the future of the Marvel universe. When Flashpoint ended and the New 52 happened, I think it was very messy and there wasn't enough communication between readers and DC about the details of the new world, especially how the New 52 came to be. Post-AoU seems to be something that will shape up slowly, hopefully with more logical things and known details. Nearly two years into the New 52, and Trinity War is maybe sorta kinda going to show us what really happened. I think Marvel won't make that same mistake.

I think Infinity, the summer event, will explore the effects of space and time being broken, which is to say that AoU might have existed simply so that they had a reason to break space and time. I'm annoyed by that theory because it means that Marvel's writing team has gotten lazy, but the outcome could still be really cool.

All of this to say, if AoU is an equivalent to Flashpoint, it pretty much wasn't in response to the New 52. Marvel would be insane to think the sort of messy continuity DC has created is what readers want.

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Yes it is. Because of this event I hate Zbarry Allen and Wolverine more than ever and I look forward to

The day when both companies make them punching bags for new characters o killed off preferablely by unknown disease.

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@awesam said:

Like... DC Flashpoint?

Yeah basically in AoU 10 they managed to beat Ultron using a time travel plot, but once they beat him they had manipulated time so much that time broke. It even had an effect on alternate realities like Ultimate Comics.

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All I know is I saw Mar-Vell when time shattered. If he's back, I'm gonna freak!

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Seems like an excuse to bring in character from other realities, but if Angela manages to kill Wolverine she might become my favourite character.

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I think it's more like Marvel's version of the Retcon Punch.

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Well, I will admit they look similar.


But I highly, HIGHLY doubt Marvel will go that route seeing as how many reacted negatively to DC's reboot. As someone above said, it's more likely a "Retcon Punch" Or a way for Marvel to set up the NEXT event.

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@teerack: A retcon is a big possibility. There's no way they're going to Flash-Point their universe. I only really read Marvel for X-men, but I might just get into a few other titles to see what's going to happen next.

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@xwraith said:

I think it's more like Marvel's version of the Retcon Punch.

Lol. This is an insightful statement.

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