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After leaving Gorgilla to revel in the defeat of the Lizard People, the remaining Monster Hunters head to "Monster Island" to save Makkari from their foe. On the way, Bloodstone reveals his origin to Doctor Druid and Zawadi.

On Monster Island, the now revealed Makkari is being tortured by the now revealed enemy Kro, one of Makkari's longtime foes. Kro tells Makkari why he created the "mutates" and that his reasoning behind it is very much like what the Celestials did to humans, Eternals, and Deviants long ago on Earth.

As the remaining Monster Hunters arrive at the island, they encounter Gigantus. After quick thinking on the part of Bloodstone, they are able to blind the monster and get to a cave safely on the island itself. They are able to track down where Makkari is and free him from Kro's restraints. They fight some monsters only for Kro to slip away in the mayhem.

The team makes it outside before the chamber they were in collapses. After a little talk, Makkari levitates the group and they head to Toyko, Japan, their adventures together just beginning.

On a side note: Harvey Elder has appeared following the Monster Hunters as they track down Kro. It is revealed at the end of this issue that he finds the center of the Earth and falls down a hole in a cave-in. When he awakes he is all but blinded by the vast amount of diamonds he finds. He know that he must now live his live "not as a man...but as a Mole Man."

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