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(first story):

Ben is back from Los Angeles, and Reed has put him to work moving heavy equipment. As Ben complains about the work and wishes for a good old-fashioned super-villain like the Sandman, Reed tells him the Sandman was reported dead- he was accidentally combined with Hydro-Man and then was dehydrated, crumbling into dust.

Cut to the scientists working on that dust, who have concluded that it is indeed dead and worthless, and then send it to the dump. Once dumped, it shortly separates into two components- Sandman and Hydro-man. Hydro-man departs, heading south, and Sandman grabs a discarded hat and coat and heads into town. Exhausted, he stops in at a bar and orders a beer. The bartender notices the sandy feet and quietly calls the FF, getting Ben.

Taking this chance to ditch out on the work that needs done, Ben grabs his jet cycle and heads off. Arriving at the bar, he realizes that it really is the Sandman. He declares he's taking him in, and the Sandman immediately... surrenders. The two sit down at the bar, and instead of fighting they began a serious conversation on their life stories...

(second story):

Reed and Sue are leaving the Baxter Building for the night, leaving Ben to babysit Franklin. While Ben works out, his punching bag dissolves with a familiar 'pop' and he soon realizes the Impossible Man is back- with his new girlfriend in tow. Ben learns its even worse than that- the Impossible Man is trying to recreate his race, and there are about 20 Impossible Children in tow. While the Impossible Man and Woman use the FF's computer to find a new world for his family to inhabit, Ben finds himself trying to babysit two dozen Impossible Children...

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