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Ben, Quasar, Bill Foster, and some other Pegasus staff are playing poker when an emergency alarm goes off. Quasar goes one way, and Ben and Bill Foster take the elevator down. The elevator starts to reverse direction, and Ben and Bill are in danger of being squashed flat when Bill reveals himself to be the super-hero Black Goliath. Between the two they stop the elevators (the problem is, we learn, Nuklo playing with it far below) and Foster decides to change his name to Giant-Man at Ben's suggestion. Quasar gets to the levels below far in adavnce of the other two, where he learns that Project Pegasus' nuclear reactors, kick-started by the presence of Nuklo and some apparent sabotage, are about to go critical...

Elsewhere, Thundra loses her first professional wrestling match to Titania, thanks to a well-executed drugging.

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