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"Thor in a swashbuckling tale from his past!" - The Mighty Avenger tells a tale from the distant past when he fell from Asgard, was rescued by pirates and attacked by his longtime for, the Executioner! Will the Executioner make Thor walk the plank or will the God of Thunder use his powers to blow the man down?

"The Big Red Machine" - Someone stole all of Iron Man's armors and they're attacking Fort Knox and the White House! The Government thinks Iron Man is responsible, but the powerless Tony Start will need the unexpected help of Dr. Doom to combat this threat.

"Thor returns to Asgard with Nova, the Human Rocket!" - Thor's father, Odin, summons him to Asgard and asks him to lay down his hammer and give up battle. Sensing something wrong, Thor discovers that his father has been kidnapped in a fiendish troll plot. A team of the greatest Marvel heroes must now save Asgard and Odin from terrible trolls!

"Part 2 of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers" - In their quest to protect the Infinity Gems from those who threaten the galaxy, the Pet Avengers travel to the Savage Land, where dinosaurs still roam! There they pick up a new member in Zabu, the saber-tooth tiger!

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