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The book starts off with the biker gang Satans Servants riding down a city street looking for a fight. They see The Ghost rider, and figure to themselves he will do fine as a victem. At first the Ghost Rider decides to run but soon realizes that the gangs bikes are as fast as his, so he turns and rides towards them.

Using the element of surprise Ghost Rider jumps off his bike and uses hellfire to surround the gang. Most of them run away but the leader named Curly stands his ground.

He is impressed with The Ghost Rider and offers him a place in his gang. Needing a place to Crash the Ghost rider accepts. When the two return to the gangs hideout, the others are none to happy about their newest member, but Curly puts their doubts to rest.

That night the Ghost Rider tells Curly his story, and leaves no detail left untold. Surprising to the Ghost Rider Curly believes his story, and after the telling, they both share a drink. After consumption Ghost Rider falls unconscious.

We then find out that Curly is really Crash. He has made a deal with Satan to deliver Ghost Riders soul. As Satan tries to claim his prize he realizes that the love of Roxanne to Johnny Blaze protects him from having his soul taken.

Satan then tells crash that he must kill Roxanne ( his own daughter ) Crash has some hesitation, but in the end he sends his gang out after her. The gang catches Roxanne as she begins her motorcycle stunt show.

One of the gang grabs Roxanne as the Ghost rider comes in. He chases the biker holding Roxanne as they ride through all the stunt obstacles, and ends the chase by crashing them into a foam padded wall.

Roxanne and Ghost rider realize the crowd has watched the whole thing thinking it is part of the show. So Roxanne tells him to wave and bow so they do not cause a panic.

Roxanne reveals that she knows the Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, and that she will always be there for him. However Johnny tells her all he offers is danger, and he sends her away.

Later that night, Roxanne is crying in her dressing room, as Crash disguised as Curly comes in and asks what is wrong. As they talk Crash uses his voice to hypnotize her to sleep. With Satans prize in his arms he bigins to think of an escape plan.

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