Why Marvel NOW! Is Great For Female Characters

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Marvel Publishers are going stupid again! I love the female characters She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Photon, Black Widow, Storm, Jean Grey, etc. Several years ago their was an all female team FemForce. What the industry needs is more women artists and writers to expand their gender as characters. What Marvel could do put it in a woman's hand and relinquish creativity to a female solo hero and female team. Ms. Marvel can be solo and team, if create a formidable rogue gallery for her. Likewise, She-Hulk (don't need a Red version) could use some tough opponents. Here is my idea for an all female team worthy of the Avengers/Justice League concept of super team. Ms. Marvel, Spider Woman, She-Hulk, Photon, Vindicator, Mockingbird. Now you give them super villianesses worthy and formidable to the male counterparts, there's the problem no bad gal.Nebula could be raise in degrees as a cosmic threat rival Thanos and archenemy of Ms. Marvel, as well as a Skrull menance sworn enemy to the Kree, even a half-human. Dream Queen and Satana, with no sorceress on the team how can they withstand? (Please no Morgana Le Fey be original). For strength Titania a very bitter and angry; a new Lady Hydra who possesses a cosmic cube, enough said. Make Mockingbird like unto Huntress with her own rogue gallery male and female. Now you can the many obscure characters that never get any play and use them and write them well, do not be afraid to revamp and revise.Marvel have the favorites need to play them up and expand their potential and possibilities.

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I really would like to see more serious and dedicated female stories than mere supporting character/ fan service comics. Yes there has to be more women playing a center role. Also would like to see more of Cap Marvel leading/ strategizing the avengers in their adventures or Wonder Woman playing the brain of JL instead of batman..

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Wow, it's weird looking at this list because so many titles have been canceled. Funny thing is that at the time I'm writing this, DC is the one who has more female friendly books with Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark, Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey, and Superman/Wonder Woman. If DC can fix the Teen Titans then they will really control the female market.

Although Marvel does have Loki, which equals hoards of fan girls.

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I've got a question, does Marvel have any like iconic women or have been defined by an certain element. I mean DC has Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl and the Birds of Prey. Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batgirl are well-known to the public and can been seen through a various media products. Yes, Marvel has fantastic female characters but are they are at the levels of DC female characters? No. Marvel must promote them.

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