NYCC 2012: Marvel NOW! Cup o' Joe panel recap

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#51 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

Loeb feeding us crap. Do I feel sorry about his kid, sure but he is really burning any sympathy.

Also Iron Man on the Guardians, come on.

1. Wolverine: WATXM, All New X-men, Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, Astonishing X-men, Solo (6)

2. Captain America: Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, Avengers Assemble, New Avengers, Solo (5)

3. Iron Man: Avengers, New Avengers, GOTG, Avengers Assemble, Solo (5)

4. Thor: Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Solo (4)

5. Hawkeye: Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Secret Avengers, Solo (4)

6. Hulk: Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Secret Avengers, Solo (4)

7. Black Widow: Secret Avengers, Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Winter Soldier (4)

8. Storm: Uncanny X-Force, WATXM, All New X-men (3)

9. Ms Marvel: Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Solo (3)

10. Beast: New Avengers, WATXM, All New X-men (3)

I mean really would it kill marvel to stop spamming the same short list. And that is without counting alt reality which gives wolverine plus 2 while cap, iron man, thor, hawkeye and storm all get another one.

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#52 Posted by obscurefan (297 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_ said:

@obscurefan said:

he can't just have them sit around all day making pop culture references.

Or can he...

I actually wrote this on twitter and BMB actually responded with "They have the internet and cable," so apparently they can :P

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#53 Posted by LordRequiem (1354 posts) - - Show Bio

Who's that blonde guy at the back on the GOTG cover? I don't recognise his costume and it can't be Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, far too different suit. If it's Star-Lord and Gamora then they are some pretty dramatic alterations.

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#54 Posted by stu630 (383 posts) - - Show Bio

GotG and Nova used to be ( and still are ) my 2 favorite comic.I reallllly hope they dont f*** this up. I like the new look for GotG but i really dont agree with the new Nova kid.Hes story better be leading to Rider and fast!

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#55 Posted by Perfect 10 (1655 posts) - - Show Bio

not feeling the guardians costume changes. i have a feeling this is what we will see in the movie oy vay, it looks like something out of halo or some other space video game. and star lord looks like iron man, that is ridiculous. at first glance i couldnt even tell that was gamorra. i was like who is this new character..oh wait gamorra??? first ms. marvel now gamorra. marvel is getting waaaay too pc with female costumes. let them be sexy dang it. and why is groot glowing?

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#56 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Interesting how we shall see Coulson again! OF course, in what format we don't know which only adds to the mystery. I miss Rider as Nova though, I wish he'd come back. That Punisher title looks wicked. And Guardians? Simply awesome!

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#57 Posted by ogg927 (163 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n: I love Phil. I thought that it was a bonehead move to have him die in the Avengers movie; everyone loved him. That's like killing off Captain Kirk or Spok from Star Trek. Or killing off Harry Potter or Ron Wesley, such a dumb move. I expect they will have some story about Skrulls or Life Model Decoys to correct that?

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#58 Posted by daredevil21134 (15800 posts) - - Show Bio


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#59 Posted by BritishMonkey (358 posts) - - Show Bio

So they can bring back Thanos and Star lord from the dead(ish) but can't bring back Rider and have a squirt of an ignorant whelp as the lead for the new Nova series and done by Loeb? I want to see Rider come back and put Sam in his place. And since when did the Nova force powers come from the helmet? Hopefully it gets cancelled. Doesn't seem to look like a lot care about Sam anyway.

Now I'm done ranting over Nova, I'd like to see the new SHIELD series and I bet it's probably set before Avengers when coulson was alive or it is set after Avengers and Coulson was an LMD. It makes sense to be an LMD because they were teased a lot so they can explain that in the series.

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#60 Posted by lb70145 (263 posts) - - Show Bio

Ed McGuinness is on art? Ughh... For a Loeb book no less? ARGHH!!!

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#61 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (12452 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks Marvel for making Greg Rucka's Punisher more pointless.

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#62 Posted by greenenvy (637 posts) - - Show Bio

K I am not liking these costumes changes for these female heroes and villains lately, even at freaken dc their is a trend of almost every female character fully covered. DC and Marvel might as well make Ms. Marvel, sh hulk, poison ivy, wonder woman etc all damn nuns. Come on man keep them sexy or sexier seriously I mean what the hell did they with Gamora for gods sake so stop it marvel and dc really. I admire the female and male form so I like my characters showing skin not these dress code outfits.

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#63 Edited by Mowgli22 (39 posts) - - Show Bio


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#64 Posted by VictorVonDoom_1 (143 posts) - - Show Bio

I AM GROOT! So ready for the GOTG series to launch. The Abnett and Lanning 2008 series was pretty cool, I liked the story. So I'm pretty stoked for this one. That Nova is a maybe on the other hand...

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#65 Posted by Mrfuzzynutz (1610 posts) - - Show Bio


Greeeeaaatttt Loeb...again

Is that Iron man?

And why the hell is Rich still dead??!?! Why go throughout the effort of elevating his to the big leagues to not only replace him, but kill him?! WHYYYYYYY?!

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#66 Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln (960 posts) - - Show Bio

Guradians of the Galaxy all the way babehhh

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#67 Posted by TheMtVernonKid82 (61 posts) - - Show Bio

@Meteorite: I know how you feel brother

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#68 Posted by Comik Book Guy (47 posts) - - Show Bio

Cosmic Marvel is going to suck so much now.

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