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Shang-Chi's evil father sees his son as his biggest threat, and he wants Shang-Chi dead! As Shang-Chi and his allies Luke Cage, Daredevil and Moon Knight fight the deadly Zaran the Weapons Master and his cult of assassins, Black Widow and Dagger fend off a robot double of Nick Fury determined to kill them! And what's going on with Dagger's powers?

A robot, dressed up as Nick Fury has captured Tyrone a.k.a. Cloak. Dagger and Black Widow are trying to help him when the robot turns to attack them instead. Soon it is revealed that the robot wants Natasha and is here to terminate her.

Daredevil, Shang, Moon Knight and Power-Man are resting back at their headquarters when they are suddenly attacked by a ninja dacoit force sent by Shang's father.

Zaran also jumps in and reveals that Shang's father wants his son downsized.

The robot manages to capture Natasha and tries to strangle her to death. But it is destroyed by microwaves when Tyrone cleverly blows up a tin can in the microwave oven.

Zaran wounds Moon Knight but is finally defeated by Shang. He warns them of their imminent death. Just then, the Knights' headquarter burst into flame.

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