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Might Raise A Wry Grin...

What an odd publication this is. Having seen the conflicting responses the recent `X-Women` comic got, I had to give this a look to see how Marvel sexed-up characters nearly 20 years ago.
However, really this is more a parody than a glamorous set of pin-up art. It`s a magazine-sized publication and is a take on glossy mags like Sports Illustrated. The contents are based on an apparent sports event hosted by tycoon, Tony Stark - The Super Olympics. And we get a rundown of the results from this fantastical competition (Thor wins the Weight-Lifting event, etc...) 
Several pages of swimsuit posing follow, from both sexes, penciled by a whole host of artists. Some are alot better than others - in fact, some were very poor -  the centre pin-up being a nicely painted, Mary Jane...
To be fair, I just flicked through this, and there are two or three `interviews` with characters which may be interesting.
The comical full-page adverts that appear through the mag (hair conditioner by the Beast, etc...), I thought were quite fun...
Kinda interesting in an oddball sort-of way....

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