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Absorbing man confronts Titania about sneaking out to steal. Meanwhile, Hank and Thuderstrike test Stellaris but are unable to get any readings off of her. At the very moment Creel calls Thunderstrike a football player is kicked off of his team - vowing revenge. Thunderstrike later tells She-Hulk that Titania wants to fight. She-Hulk then explains why Titania and she are at odds, before Stellaris shows up and makes a scene. Someone is overheard planning a heist in a bar. Titania meets She-Hulk at the Delacorte Theater. Thunderstrike takes Creel, She-Hulk, Titania and himself to a safer location for the grudge match, but Stellaris sneaks in - causing Creel to think it's a setup. The inevitable fight ensues, ending when Absorbing Man tries to absorb Stellaris but he ends up in the fetal position. The Thunderstrike story ends with Bloodaxe sees thugs emptying out Malachi Technologies from the tip from the bar.

Code: Blue begins with Daredevil swinging through the city. He spies Foggy representing Lt. Stone, who's been forced to disband Code:Blue. While discussing the case Lt. Stone leaps across the table and grabs the opposing lawyer. The ghost of the dirty lawyers appears while Daredevil is breaking in. After the ghost is defeated, the team is able to continue operating because the case is settled for a fraction of the original amount.

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