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This issue features four stories.

"Wild Frontier - Chapter 6: Final Frontier" - starring Wolverine

"Wild at Heart" - Jack Russell pulls into a roadhouse in Nebraska, parks his motorcycle and enters. While he sits at the bar, he makes eye contact with Sabretooth, who later leaves in the company of a young woman. Knowing the savage mutant is up to no good, Jack tracks the couple to the woods. There he finds Sabretooth torturing the girl, carving her flesh with his claws, and Jack transforms to the Werewolf. They fight viciously while the girl escapes. The battle is interrupted by rifle-wielding locals who figure the Werewolf for the bad guy. Hoping the young woman is safely out of the Sabretooth's clutches, he runs away. Later, Jack is back on his bike on the highway.

"D'Spryte Times, D'Spryte Measures - Part 1" - starring Ghost Rider

"Worthy of the Name!" - starring the Gladiator

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