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Blood Hungry Part 1 of 8 "First Scent" starring Wolverine

Wolverine, with his mutant tracking ability and adamantium-laced skeleton, is the consummate hunter. But this night in Madripoor, there is a new hunter in town...and Wolverine is unaware that the roles of hunter and hunted are about to be reversed!

Life During War Time part 4 of 8 "Fire in the Hole" starring Firestar

Last issue, Firestar agreed to capture Mystique for the Arms of Salvation...In exchange for the donor lung her father needs to survive. But instead of cornering Mystique, she's been Freedom Force!

Just Friends part 1 of 8 "Professor!" starring Beast

He's been an Original X-Man, an Avenger, a Defender, and a member of X-Factor. He's got a P.H.D. in bio-chemistry and a thick layer of blue fur coating his mutant frame that resembles a gorilla more than it does a man. But before he became the happy-go-lucky Beast that he is today, Hank McCoy was just a scared and frightened teen-ager. This is the story of how love challenged him to accept himself for what he is.


Robbie Baldwin was suspicious of the foreign exchange student but what could he do? Having been exposed to mysterious radiation that gave him the bouncing powers of Speedball, The Masked Marvel, the reluctant super hero has a secret of his own.

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