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In the first story, Peter and Chat discuss the idea of spoilers. Then Captain Stacy calls and says the Sandman has said that he would rob a bank in 24 hours. Can Spidey figure out a way to stop him in time? Pete and Chat work through a lot of ideas, including a heat ray, but ultimately Pete decides to just go by his intuition.

He shows up at the bank and tries the heat ray and a giant fan, to no avail. Pete stops, and announces that he gives up. Then Sandman, bragging, takes the money, which explodes with dye packs--that also include glue, which freezes him in place.

In the second story, Spidey is hanging out with Blonde Phantom. She wants to catch the Red Ghost, who has been scamming folks by pretending to be a fortune teller who can talk to ghosts. They talk to some of the victims, and track down the Ghost based on his apes' unusual foods. After some difficulty fighting the apes, they set up a hologram projector to make it look like real ghosts are attacking him. He freaks out and they beat him up.

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