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In a battle with two masked foes, Peter has to play ball games and mind games. But does he have the winning hand?

In the first story, Spider-Man is chasing the Green Goblin. Simultaneously, nearby, some kids are playing dodgeball. Freddy, a slight kid, has a chance to get Gordie, a bully, out. All he has to do is catch the ball. But he misses. Meanwhile, Spidey is also trying to catch something--the Goblin's pumpkin bombs. But why?

The kids see Spider-Man, and decide to follow him. Freddy follows the bully and his posse. They see Spider-Man talking to the Tinkerer. Apparently the Tinkerer made an anti-matter bomb powerful enough to blow up half of New York, and accidentally put it in one of the Goblin's pumpkins. Now Spider-Man is trying to get it back. The Tinkerer gives him a box that will keep the bomb safe--all Spidey has to do is figure out which pumpkin has the anti-matter, and get it from the Goblin!

The kids continue to follow Peter as he chases the Goblin. After Spider-Man explains the situation to the Goblin, the Goblin actually gets more excited, and keeps throwing the bombs. He doesn't care if the anti-matter bomb goes off.

The Goblin grabs Freddy and tosses him, but Peter manages to save him. In the chaos, he drops the anti-matter containment field. Eventually there is only one bomb left, and he throws it at Freddy, who has picked up the bomb box. Will he catch it, or will he miss, like he did in dodge ball?

He catches it, and saves the day. From now on, he'll get a lot more respect from the other kids at school!

In the second story, Spider-Man runs across a family moving furniture into a new apartment, and decides to help. After they're done, he helps their kid with his science project and asks about their story. It turns out that they were ejected from their old building, along with all the other tenants, under fishy circumstances.

Peter decides to investigate, and breaks into their old building. It turns out that it's full of Madame Masque and a bunch of Maggia goons. As they fight, Masque explains that they took over the building so it could be a weapons stash. Spidey beats them all, and says he recorded her confession. She then counters that they use anti-bugging equipment, and his recording won't work. However, Peter used a new kind of bug he designed from the kid's science project earlier, which explored sound vibrations.

They are able to use the recording in court, and the family (and their neighbors) all get to move back home.

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