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The Raptor of the Baskervilles: If there's anyone that deserves a vacation, it's Peter Parker, but even a trip to England's back country goes awry thanks to a group of Fortean researchers and reports of a raptor on the moors. But is there REALLY a dinosuar on the loose, and if so, what is its deadly secret that threatens the life of Spider-Man, and Aunt May? Guest-starring Ka-zar!

Pete gets mixed up in an adventure with dinosaurs, Ka-Zar, Zabu the sabretooth tiger, and Sabretooth the mutant mercenary.

Pete is in the moors of Britain, having tagged along with Aunt May on a trip. Dressed as Spidey, he calls Chat. He's uncomfortable on the flat land, with nothing to swing from. More importantly, he wants to know if Chat can use her powers to talk over the phone, because he's being chased by a sabretooth tiger!

Unfortunately for him, her powers don't work that way, and he has to keep running for his life. Finally he finds a castle and climbs up, where he encounters Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar is from the Savage Land, a warm area in Antarctica where dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals still live. They realize they are both investigating the same case--sightings of dinosaurs on the moors. Ka-Zar calls off the sabretooth, who is actually his pet, Zabu.

Peter has been exploring the area with some teens he met, who are humorously modeled on Scooby Doo and his gang. They found some dinosaur tracks, and have been trying to figure out what's going on.

Ka-Zar is there because someone has been stealing dinosaurs from the Savage Land. They decide to work together. They soon run into the teen mystery-solvers, who tell them about another castle that might hold the answers they seek.

Spier-Man and Ka-Zar leave the kids and go off to investigate. They find armed guards and hi-tech gear at the castle, and attack. After dealing with the guards, they go underground, where they find the dinosaurs in cages. A hunter/business man named Mr. Crane has been stealing them. Suddenly Sabretooth, who Crane hired as an enforcer, attacks. Sabretooth is beating him, saying that he's faster and stronger, but Spidey frees the dinosaurs and Sabretooth is squashed by a brachiosaurus.

Ka-Zar brings the dinosaurs home, and Pete walks his way back across the moors.







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