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Bruce Banner heads to the Baxter Building hoping that Mr. Fantastic can help rid him of his curse. But Ben Grimm’s the only one home and he knows H-U-L-K spells “trouble.” It’s the green goliath vs. the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing! ‘Nuff said!

Bruce Banner has been corresponding with Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. They've been discussing a cure for Bruce's "condition".

Bruce shows up at the Baxter Building with Rick Jones and Monkey but is denied entrance. The Thing (Ben Grimm) shows up and let's them in.

Some Doombots blow though a wall and a battle ensues. The Doombots mistake the Hulk, Rick, and Monkey for the three absent members of the FF.

Doctor Doom arrives and is surprised to find the Hulk there. The Hulk and Thing combine forces and drive Doctor Doom away.

The Hulk takes Rick and the Monkey and leaps away without exploring Mr. Fantastic's research into a "cure".

The Thing is left with the clean-up.

An episode of Mini Marvels is included at the end of the book.

This is hilarious!

Three Skrulls are on their ship looking out at the Earth. They are talking about the different eras of Earth history as if the are seasons of a TV series. They learn that they are to invade - Yaay!

(You gotta read this for yourself!)

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