Martian Manhunters weakness against flames

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Can someone please shed some light on this for me cause its driving my crazy. I thought the whole point of Trial by Fire (the arc where J'onn turns into Fernus the Burning for those that don't know) was that he was no longer vulernable to fire in the conventional sense (but was still vulnerable to flames of psychological signifance). So can someone tell me how in the latest Outsiders Five of a Kind he was scared by Thunder's LIGHTER!??! I have done my best to keep up with J'onn's dealings since Infinite Crisis but I may have missed something where he gets this weakness back? Or is it just a case of writers saying "its a weakness when we feel like it"

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Sloppy writing I think, although I prefer to think he was just playing on it. The Trial by Fire arc wasn't the first time he over come the weakness either. He had done it before Grant Morrison's run on JLA in a 4 issue mini series by DeMatteis and Mark Badger in 1988.

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Wow, news to me. Thanks anyways dude :)

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