Jon Hamm as Mark Millar's Superior?

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  Maybe if he had a martini in hand...    
Maybe if he had a martini in hand...    

SUPERIOR only just hit shelves yesterday and Mark Millar says he's already getting calls from directors and producers interested in turning it into a movie (as reported by Bleeding Cool.) As it happens, both parties have independently suggested MAD MEN star, Jon Hamm, playing the belt-sporting hero from the comic. Granted, even Millar admits that this is still just talk but, considering how persistently Hamm’s name has come up as a possible contender to play Superman in the new reboort, I think it’s inevitable that he’ll play some kind of cape eventually. Indeed, Millar’s projects already have a track record for putting would-be Superman into costume. Nick Cage was Big Daddy in KICK-ASS, of course - - and some of you will probably remember that he was attached to play the man of steel for a long time while Tim Burton was trying to make a SUPERMAN movie.

Actually, it’s Millar’s track record that we should get back to. While he’s certainly got a flair for exaggeration (to put it diplomatically) with these kind of statements, the fact of the matter is that he’s been making a lot of big things happen for several straight years, now. While I’m not always a fan of the guy’s work, I’ll give him serious respect for getting things done. I remember when he launched his Millarworld brand a few years back and few were taking his talks of "total media takeover" seriously. Flashforward to today and look at what he’s doing. He’s got two big movies under his belt, at least two on the way and basically his own comics imprint. You can't argue with results, can you?

I didn’t get the chance to pick up SUPERIOR this week. Did any of you Comic Vine maniacs give a look? Does the character scream “Jon Hamm!” to you?

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He still has my vote for Superman.

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Jon Hamm in anything sounds great to me.

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As someone who doesn't want to see Hamm as Superman, I'd be happy for him to be tied up by Superior. :P 
That said, I'm not sure Hamm's great for this role either.  Superior is essentially a Millar take on Captain Marvel... which is to say, a South Park kid in the body of  Übermensch super-being in a quasi-rational world where everybody swears a lot.  Mad Men's Don is pretty much a perpetual steely eyed grim competence at deceit, lies, and womanizing... Superior, on the other hand, is about a bewildered kid to keeps cussing because he's so freaked out about the whole situation.  Hamm doesn't strike me as the pinnacle of maturity retarded, childlike panic and wonderment, or even as a bodybuilder in terms of the necessary physique. 
If this is Millar's Big then you need someone who can act like a kid.

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must buy this comic
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I love Mark Millar. He could kill puppies and make it awesome.

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He's probably sitting in his dark living room, staring at his silent phone, tears slowly rolling down his face. "I'm getting lots and lots of calls, from directors and... movie people!"

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john hamm is in sucker punch , so since zack Snyder is doin supes after sucker punch , he might choose hamm as superman ? 

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Oooh, great! First Kick-Ass, then Nemesis and now we're getting this? 
Go away, Miller. I tired of your name.

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Why not?

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Well Jon Hamm himself said he thought he was too old for Superman, so Idk what he thinks about Superior.

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@TheDrifter said:
" I love Mark Millar. He could kill puppies and make it awesome. "
I'm sure a few died in 'Nemesis' so far.
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ooook just read the first issue (would've been nicer if it was 10 pages longer) but it was decent. BUT HOW THE HELL CAN YOU HAVE 1 ISSUE OUT AND ALREADY BE TALKING ABOUT A MOVIE?!

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@InnerVenom123 said:
"@TheDrifter said:
" I love Mark Millar. He could kill puppies and make it awesome. "
I'm sure a few died in 'Nemesis' so far."
My point exactly
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I liked what I read but unless it goes somewhere really dramatic I think they should do Nemisis instead.
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People really want Jon Hamm in a comic movie! 
Personally, I thought the first issue of Superior was...interesting.  Nonetheless, I'm sick of hearing about Millar-based movies before the comics are even through with their run.

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Soundwave superior, jon hamm inferior.

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