mephisto and lucifer

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i thought they were the same

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You mean, comic versions, or "actual"(fictional) versions? 'Cause, the comic versions, one is of Marvel, and one is of DC, so, they really can't be the same, unless someone did a badass crossover that revealed both to be the same, even though as cool as that would be, it would have to ignore a lot of canon and character integrity and blah blah blah blah blah...

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whos the one involved with ghost rider in the movie its mephisto but in the comics its satin?

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There has been several Lucifer's in marvel. Also many other demons has claimed they are Satan, for example Mephisto and Lucifer.

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not sure about Marvel...

in DC there have been tons of different incarnations of the Devil... including Mephisto, Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles and more

in Chaos! Lucifer, Mephisto and Satan are completely different entities... they even killed off Lucifer lol


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In Marvel, Mephisto, Marduk Kurios (usually called Satan), Lucifer, Satannish, and many, many other Hell-Lords have claimed to be THE Satan at one time or another. To make things even more confusing, there is a theory that in the past, these big bads have temporarily merged their forms to create a "Satan" figure when they wish to do something of mutual importance.

In any case, it is next to impossible to determine who was which Satan in every appearance, unless it is actually said.

As for the Ghost Rider movie, that was definitely Mephisto.

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Lucifer is the Satan ,as i know Mephisto is not demon but he made himself looks like.

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