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A little girl from Colorado, Marci Sabol became a dark secret for her home town of Westcliffe. A lot of the townsfolk attempted to cover up what had happened to Marci.

New Mutant

The Missing Child
The Missing Child

Moonstar and Karma learnt of a possible new mutant, which would have been a rarity since the events of M-Day. Therefore they travelled from San Francisco to Westcliffe in order to investigate. When they arrived their investigations were hampered by the local people of Westcliffe. Therefore Karma attempted to use her powers to telepathically search for Marci. At that time, no-one was aware that Marci's consciousness had become trapped into the mind of Legion. So when Karma telepathically lcoated Marci, she found herself caught inside Legion's mindscape with Marci. There, Marci was playing with an old doll inside an old fashioned bedroom with posters on the wall. However, as soon as Karma arrived Marci became aggitated and warned her to leave immediately.

Marci's warning of unknown attacked who assault newcomers came too late. Instantly Karma & Marci became trapped in the room, with hoardes of apparent monsters beating at the door. Karma grabbed Marci by the hand, and held the doll with the other. Together they fled the oncoming monsters.

More New Mutants

Marci Playing with 'Morrie'
Marci Playing with 'Morrie'

Unbeknownst to Karma or Marci, more of Karma's old team-mates had arrived looking for them. While Cannonball & Sunspot discovered Karma's uninhabited body tied to a chair in the backroom of a local bar, Illyana Rasputin & Magma found the body of David Haller. They realised that it was Karma's voice coming from Legion's body.

Karma and Marci were fleeing from the other personalities inside Legion's mind, while Karma spoke to her team-mates. She hid Marci in an attic space (part of Legion's mindscape). Marci was scared, but urged Karma to take care of Morrie; the doll. Karma passed Morrie to Marci so she could fight off the legion of personalities.

 Marci & Karma Fleeing The Legion
Marci & Karma Fleeing The Legion

As soon as Marci held the doll, she became the dominant personality over Daller Haller's body. At that time, her parents were arguing with Illyana and Magma. At the sound of their daughter's voice coming from a young man's body, her parents began to argue with each other. Her mother tried to reach out to her. Marci was scared and wanted her parents' comfort and protection. However, her father rejected his daughter, since he was frightened by the bizarre events. Unfortunately, Marci was unable to stay hidden. The other personalities fought passed Karma and stole Morrie from Marci. In doing so, the other personalities came to control Haller's body and fled the basement that he had been kept in.

The New Mutants

While trapped inside Legion, the other personalities were able to work together to fight the New Mutants. Their original goal was to attack Danielle Moonstar as she had originally aided David Haller to regain dominance over his own body. When the New Mutants reconvened and pooled information it became clear that anyone who physically came into contact with Karma's empty body would also be dragged inside David Haller's mind. Instantly Illyana teleported to where Karma's body remained bound and touched her. The instant Illyana was transported inside David's mind she easily intimidated the personalities by swiftly executing the Jack Wayne personality. They guided her to Karma & Marci, and reunited them with David Haller's true identity. He was young and scared, but glad to see them.

No Way Home

David explained to Karma & Illyana how they could go home, but specifically stated that "Marci doesn't have anywhere to go". The tragedy of Marci Sabol was beginning to unravel. Marci was the first person who met David after he arrived "from wherever it was he he had been". She had taken him water in a gesture of innocent kindness, and they began to play together, However, by that time David had already established the rules of psychological dominance via the rag doll Moira (which Marci called Morrie). One of the other personalities had stolen the doll off David, took control of his body and murdered Marci. As she was dying her mind was transferred inside David's mind, just as the mind of Jemail Kemal had done many years earlier. Marci couldn't return to the physical world because she had been killed. However, her mind lived on happy & healthy inside the mind of Legion.

Life After Death

Although Marci did not take possession of the Moira doll again, she remained with David's true personality. Karma & Illyana were returned to their physical bodies after Karma exacted her revenge upon the personality who had killed Marci. Then a group of scientists & telepaths on Utopia began to work on David's mind. They used advanced means to create neural pathways inside Legion's mind. Therefore instead of playing by the rules of the Legion of personalities, they set down the rules instead. While Rogue kept the body sedated by absorbing the excessive energies, while the scientists compartmentalised Legion's mind. All the rogue personalities were trapped inside transparent chambers, awaiting their turn to be neutralised.

The process was clinical and terrifying. Marci remained in a chamber with David. He held on to her tightly while all the other personalities spat curses at them before they 'died'. While the scientists were clear that they wanted to eradicate the extra personalities inside David's mind, it would seem that David made sure that Marci was kept separate & therefore safe from them. Therefore, Marci might have the chance to continue 'living' in David's mind.

Other Media


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Marci is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Marci Sabo

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