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Marc is being hounded at Spector Enterprises Inc, having been absent for weeks. He escapes to his office where he is met by Brother Voodoo, who informs him of the Cult of Death and their zombies. Marc asks if he has any proof of them, and Jericho says he is one of them. As they are leaving the building, Jeff is waiting outside in a car and follows them. They find a zombie in the streets and follow it into a building, which turns out to be Gatti's restaurant. Two drug dealers are having lunch upstairs and are the zombie's targets. Moon Knight and Brother Voodoo reach the floor, and after dispatching of the dealers' bodyguards, approach the zombie, which reveals that it is strapped with an explosive. Midnight swoops in and kicks it out the window, almost falling himself. Marc argues with him about following them, but realises that he just saved their lives. All three leave in Jeff's car and head to Spector Mansion. Meanwhile, in the South Bronx, Doctor Friday--the creator of the zombies--is planning. He is approached by El Brutale, his hirer. At Spector Mansion, Marc and Jeff are sitting in the hallway while Jericho clears his mind of the zombie influence.







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