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Randall Spector has kidnapped a nurse with plans to kill her, but Punisher shows up and saves her. Meanwhile, Marc is testing out a new HQ in New York City. Randall continues to kill nurses and Marc tracks his pattern to the hospital in which Marlene and Frenchie are staying after Randall's initial attack. Marc leaves, dressed in a new armoured Moon Knight suit. Punisher is infiltrating the hospital when the power is cut, so he heads to the generator room to fix the problem so that the innocent patients' life-support systems can work. Up on the roof, Randall is planning on breaking into Marlene's room, but Moon Knight drops down from his Angelwing and attacks. The two fight it out, but Marc gets knocked off the edge. By the time he gets back to the top floor, Randall has already gotten in and has attacked many people. Marlene is not there, but he grabs Frenchie--who has lost the use of his legs--and throws him out a window. Marc jumps out to save him, but Punisher has arrived and shoots Randall, who also falls out the window. Marc manages to save Frenchie, but Randall falls to his death on the street below. Marc takes Frenchie back to his new HQ.

The issue ends with Doctor Doom arriving at Spectorcorp Headquarters, asking for Marc... immediately.

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