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Manticore kidnaps Hawkeye.
Manticore kidnaps Hawkeye.
Manticore's true identity is unknown but scientists from Brand Industries provided him a battle-suit and his employer wanted him to retrieve the Hellcat costume they also created. The Hellcat costume has since fallen into the hands of Patsy Walker who was currently a member of the Avengers. Manticore would appear at the Cheery-O's Dude Ranch where he was spying on Clint Barton and the Two-Gun Kid who were working there as employees. The scheme was to kill Hawkeye in order to lure the Avengers and Hellcat so he can bring back the costume. Johnny Blaze happened to be at the ranch because he needed a place to repair his motorcycle after a long journey in the Arizona desert. One night, Manticore broke into the employee's bunkhouse and kidnapped Hawkeye. The Two-Gun Kid tried to stop Manticore but he got buried underneath some debris when the bunkhouse collapsed. Ghost Rider heard the shots and saved the Two-Gun Kid. Ghost Rider went after the beast and discovered them in a canyon a few miles from the ranch.

During the fight, the Two-Gun Kid entered the canyon on a motorcycle but was captured by Manticore. The Manticore told Ghost Rider to clear out or he threatened to tear off the head of the Two-Gun Kid. During the distraction, Manticore was struck in the chest by an arrow. Hawkeye hit Manticore's power induction grid with an electronic disruptor arrow and was rendered unconscious. Ghost Rider removed the armor from the human and discovered that the human was an amputee and his hind legs were completely mechanical. Apparently an employee of Brand Industries promised the Manticore bionic legs as payment if he was successful in retrieving the Hellcat costume.


Manticore was created by Jim Shooter and Don Perlin in 1977 and first appeared in Ghost Rider # 27.  

Story Arcs

Manticore invades the Savage Land w/ Killer Shrike & Saboteur.
Manticore invades the Savage Land w/ Killer Shrike & Saboteur.
Manticore reappeared years later when the Roxxon Company tried to invade the Savage Land to retrieve vibranium. Roxxon sent Manticore, Saboteur, Killer Shrike, some Mandroid units and several soldiers into the Savage Land and they were confronted by Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu, Moon Boy, Devil Dinosaur and several jungle warriors. Manticore faced off with Zabu and was hit with several arrows. Manticore and the initial Roxxon invasion force retreated when the Savage Land warriors were causing severe damage with their primitive weapons laced with vibranium.

Weapons & Abilities

The Manticore's battle-suit had a design based on the mythical creature which had a body of a lion and a tail of the scorpion. The Manticore's two hind legs were completely mechanical which provided augmented strength and speed. The Manticore had razor sharp claws and his talons were strong enough to dig into solid rock. The suit had a prehensive tail which the Manticore can used to grab or strike his enemies. The tail also had the ability to fire a laser for range attacks. The armor was strong enough to withstand small caliber firearms and the Ghost Rider's hellfire.

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