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The story begins with Mark Shaw commenting about the costumed aren't that bright. Dr. Alchemy was robbing a bank and the police are stopping his crime. With his so-called Philosopher's Stone, he destroyed the police cars. Dr. Alchemy soon got away while the police was distracted. Mark Shaw knows that Dr. Alchemy's real name was Albert Desmond. While Alchemy was talking with a woman, Mark Shaw ambushes him from the skylight on his hotel roof. Desmond tried to grab his stone, but it was far too late for him. The woman Desmond was talking stabbed him in the back with a knife. Mark questions why would she do that. The woman replied that she didn't know that he was a cop because he just said that he was just playing a joke. Mark walks away with Desmond tied and commented that nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

Back at the police station, Mark is checking his fliers to check his next catch. He remembered the time he beat Kobra. He saw Count Vertigo in his fliers. He studied his profiles. While he was studying the Count's profiles, he saw a woman officer who seems vaguely familiar. When he saw her face, he taught that it was Sylvia Kandrey. A man walked to Mark angrily because he taught that was causing trouble. He asked if he has any information about the count. The man said that the count escaped from prison and asked him to get out of his station.

Mark went into a small town called, Little Vlatava to get some information. He went to a bartender's house and asked if he knows anything about Count Vertigo. At first he rejected it, then he explained instead everything he knows about the count.

Mark went to his stepfather's office and ask Amanda Waller for help. He asked about abandoned military installations to find Vertigo's location. Waller asked if the Suicide Squad should handle this. Mark declined because he wants the reward so bad. Instead, he just asks for a fighter plane.

Mark rides on a plane, secretly. He activated his unidirectional mike to listen to a phone conversation.The Vlatavian soldiers are preparing Vertigo for an invasion. Two soldiers talked if they should kill Vertigo or not. Mark planted a bomb at a tank and all soldiers panicked. One soldier wants to check out the situation while the other one takes care of Vertigo. The soldier asked him if he must be killed. Vertigo replied to whatever he wishes. The soldier is arming his gun at Vertigo but ambushed by Mark Shaw. An army is heading straight for Mark while the rest are taking care of the fire. Vertigo does not want to be arrested so the two fought. At the outside of the building, a soldier saw a fighter plane coming. Vertigo soon was defeated and was arrested.

Meanwhile, outside of the installation,one man said that the invasion has failed. Vertigo is under American authorities. The other man said that the invasion has not failed since there are more supplies and men are waiting for them.

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