The Greatest Monster of all time within Comics

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The Greatest Monster of all time within Comics.


This month I decided to go through a cast of monsters within both Marvel and DC to see which rampaging monster takes the top. Of course super villainy and misunderstood heroes naturally come into play when seeing an oversized monster having a smashing good time within comics, but finding which monstrous creation stood out the most was something very difficult to choose. Anyways, here’s the list of the rampaging, bloodthirsty, colorful cast of comic monsters that may have been known as the greatest monster within comics for me.

Please note that this list and vlog are entirely based off of personal belief and is respectful to those whom may disagree and that this list isn't in order.



Possibly the greatest Frankenstein related villain that managed to successfully fly straight with his whole “Me am Superman” career. Bizarro has always been loved for his colorful personality that probably stresses the hell out of writers when they go above and beyond to make this guy as backwards and horribly distorted version of Superman as they possibly could. With a couple Bizarro versions holding the same origins compared to Frankenstein, for me Bizarro didn’t take top monster within comics because of how he was mostly seen and treated as a DC villain with interest and curiosity rather than a rampaging monster.  

Marvels Universal Monster Cast

The Werewolf, Dracula, and even Frankenstein from Marvel Comics were three characters that I thought each of being the greatest monster of all time. But despite how much Marvel favored these three monsters during the 70’s doesn’t take away the fact that vampires, wolf-men, and even Frankenstein are out dated monsters that seem to gain much more attention through movies and horror books rather than trying to fit within the Marvel Universe.  


Just imagine Batman going toe-to-toe with a real bat creature of the night, possibly an ironic twist that really captured interest when flying onto comics. Man-Bat hasn’t really captured my interest that much, but has respectfully earned himself to be recognized as a monster that pursued a successful career when performing a rampaging sky fight with Batman throughout Gotham. Personally Man-Bat was one of the few who came close on being recognized as the greatest monster of all time because of how Man-Bat was more of a full-fledged independent monster, but when being compared to a few other monsters, I would say that there were others (very few others) that were a better and successful monster.  


Yes, even one of Marvel’s greatest heroes smashed himself onto my list seeing how Hulk is very well known as one Marvel’s greatest monsters. Even though Hulk’s temper tantrum’s cost a great amount of city damage and a team of Avengers to stop him, Hulk didn’t take the top because of how he’s mostly a misunderstood creature who’s goal is to be left alone. Mostly I didn’t choose Hulk because of how I see a monster that’s lived a long career of being treated as a monster when in reality…he isn’t.


Formerly a villain compared to the original Phantom of the Opera (which was an one inspiration for creating Karlo Basil) that now turned into one of DC’s creepiest monsters. Even though Clayface is more monster than man, for me I see Clayface as a psychotic villain rather than a rampaging monster because of how he still retains human emotions rather than anything animalistic or monstrous.

Same goes for another Batman monster known as Killer Croc, a monstrous villain who tends to act more human than monster, which was a reason why I didn’t see either Batman villain as the greatest monster within comics.  

Marvel Zombies

When I first saw Marvel Zombies, I couldn’t get over how horrible these monsters were after seeing them munching down on poor Magneto. Even the fact that their own limited series displayed them as both desperate and nearly unstoppable because of their need for fresh meat, I had to have these guys in mind when thinking of the Greatest Monsters in Comics. But much like the whole Zombie franchise itself, Marvel zombies found itself dying after their fourth or fifth limited series.   

Solomon Grundy

Because of his history on being a relentless zombie monster and having one of my favorite origins for a monstrous villain, Grundy was my second choice that made me choose between two monsters out of favoritism. Personally I find Grundy as a perfect byproduct of a comic monster because of how he holds many traits that capture my interest. He’s old school that never seemed to fade, has held a career that found himself encountering nearly all heroes, his full range powers are unknown and mysterious, and till this day I still see him as ever more of a great villain for DC comics.

What’s also interesting and funny about Grundy is how I tend see some comic fans claim that he’s a rip-off from the Hulk, when in reality it was Grundy who was introduced into comics way before Hulk made his first debut.

Venom (Eddie Brock)

The famous and true Venom does earn to be respected as a monster for his famous (and short) career as a Marvel anti-hero. The slobbery mouth, needle teeth, and snake like tongue was probably the most perfect monster that Marvel ever had. But when judging Venom, there were two things that made me realize that Venom wasn't the best monster within comics. 1) is the fact that Venom was half a monster and half a man, a religous fanatic and an alien symbiote combined into one, makng the real Venom half of a monster (please note that there is a difference between psycho's and monsters, and that Venom was performing Brock's need's along with the Symbiote's urges). 2) Is the fact that Venom is now an alien symbiote who's passed on to other hosts who are slowly becoming less monstrous (and less famous) than the prior. Maybe the fact that Venom had the Mcfarlane touch to it that slowly faded away, but having a monster who's recognized as a good and long missed memory wasn't something that I personally would recognize as the greatest monster monster within comics, even when there are other equal monsters  

So after reading the monsters that I had to choose from, there was one monster that truly stood out the most and has been a fan favorite ever since being introduced. A perfect byproduct of a monster indeed and a monster that Marvel is very well proud of having within their Marvel Universe. Of course I can understand if there are some disagreement with my choice, but for me my number 1 choice is and possible always will be unarguable. And of course I decide to pull the same stunt like last year with my “Most Creepiest Villain of all Time” video and make a video over my number one selection. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading and watching.

Next month I’ll be choosing the most scariest villain of all time, please feel free to give me any nominee’s for the next video.  
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Man-Thing is very unique because when told in a story his aspect is actually horror, closer to the classic horror comics, when the story is presented correctly anyways,
rather than a monster in a superhero story behaving as one it's type of characters.

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Man-Thing is very unique because when told in a story his aspect is actually horror, closer to the classic horror comics, when the story is presented correctly anyways, rather than a monster in a superhero story behaving as one it's type of characters.

My favorite story was when Man-Thing saved an infants life, till this day I find it as one of my top ten favorite storylines because of how Marvel's most scariest looking monster would perform such a heroic act and still retain the whole classic horror look. 
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I'd personally give my vote of greatest monster of all time to Hulk. Man-Thing is quite awesome as well, and is one of Marvel's best characters.

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