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Not to be confused with the Marauder with similar possession powers of the same name.


Sue becomes host to Malice

Malice is a presumed demonic force of unknown origin that appears to have ties to the Hate Monger and Magus although they may be coincidental. Malice originally possessed Susan Storm during the Beyonder's visit to Earth but at the time it was believed Sue was simply perverted by Hate Monger's emotion rays and/or due to the recent loss of her unborn second child. Malice resided in Sue Storm and influenced her negatively although Sue managed to repress her, she returned during the Infinity War and once again began influencing Sue in negative ways.


Malice was originally created and designed by John Byrne but at the time was simply another identity for Sue Storm, it wasn't until Tom DeFalco's run on Fantastic Four that Malice was shown to be a truly separate entity to Sue Storm.

Character Evolution

Malice is a confused concept due to multiple retcons which foggy her origin, nature and even existence. On top of possessing Sue Storm, the force known as Malice also possessed a time-travelling Franklin Richards as well as Reed Richards. The character seemed disposed of when it possessed Dark Raider who was able to control and negate the influence of Malice.

Powers and Abilities

Malice influencing it's host

Malice could transfer it's psyche from one person to another and have access to her host's abilities and knowledge. In the case of the Invisible Woman, Malice had access to her ability to turn invisible as well as generating invisible force fields and in the case of the former creatively conjured up giant hammers, daggers and other weapons from the same energy the force fields were made of.

Malice's prime tool was was influencing it's hosts by dwelling on negative emotions such as hatred or feelings of depression and convincing it's host to give into their inhibitions and unleash "Malice" from within. Malice was strong enough to

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